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About Us

Company «Meta-Sistem» SRL was established in 2008 in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

One of the main activities of the group of сompanies is the development of web projects of any complexity. Today the web studio successfully develops and supports both simple websites based on popular CMS systems and complex web development on various framework PHP. The company's regular customers are from Germany, France, USA and Moldova.

In addition to developing its own products, the company is engaged in supporting products of other developers. A team of specialists and an individual consultant are allocated for each project, who then study the project in detail.

The company also provides outsourcing services for IT professionals, websites promotion in Europe and USA and own startup launches.


We are committed to comprehensive customer service in the IT field, so that they can focus on meeting the company's main goals.

  • clear process of work and its strict observance
  • perfectionism in details
  • strict time control
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Framework PHP
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What sites are we developing?

Our specialization is web service development

What are web services?
These are any Internet resources that implie user interaction with them. Most often, web services help automate business processes in a particular field of activity. These online businesses are also called IT startups. We not only develop web services, but also support them for a long time in the future, and also take on support projects that were not developed by us, which is not done by most web studios on the market.

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Online payments
Seller's cabinet
Discount systems
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Video hosting:

Video editor
Blog monetization
Statistics / reports
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Freelance site:

Safe transactions
Ordering process
Reviews and ratings
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Social network:

Internal chat
Likes and comments
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Bulletin Boards:

My announcements
Auto update
Internal chat
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Online auction:

Publication of lots
Betting system
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Food delivery:

Geolocation record
Order statuses
Delivery calculation
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Fitness competition:

Menu constructor
Shopping lists
Video training
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Order of services:

Catalog of services
Registration of form
Internal chat
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Real estate catalogue:

Exchange with CRM
Mortgage calculation
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Order of transfers:

Order Process
Car selection
Calculating km
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Car rental:

Car selection
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Furniture designer:

Exchange with CRM
Price calculation
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Online loans:

Credit application
Issuance of credit
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Rent of courses:

Online lessons
Success Rating
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Accounting systems:

Personnel accounting
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Development process

We firmly believe that any successful project is based on a clearly planned process of work, for all its participants.

We have been active in this field for more than 10 years, focused on new research and are always looking for optimal solutions. We are always aware of developments in this sphere and are in the forefront of modern technologies.

The sequence below the above stages was formed by years of work of the web studio in Europe and USA and its extensive experience, taking into account constantly changing modern realities, as well as positive practice of colleagues from other studios. Our work is distinguished by a well-established technological process, to which we have come upon, through trial and error. At the same rate, we review and refine it every year, continuing to actively develop and constantly improve.

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After seeing the final product, starting its launch and receiving the first feedback from visitors, you will have a lot of ideas for making changes and/or adding new functionality.

For the realization of these tasks our clients purchase maintenance packages, including a certain number of specialists’ hours of work: designer, layout designer, programmer, project manager, etc.

During the work of the company, we fine-tuned a clear process of software product support. At the beginning of each month, the support consultant attests with the responsible person of the customer the list of issues, their priority and terms of execution.

This list is replenished and adjusted within a month, at the request of the customer. At the end of the month, the Certificate of Works Rendered is signed, indicating the actual time for each task.

For us it does not matter whether we develop the project by ourselves, or continue the work of another company. We provide free website analysis that comeswith the maintenance and helps clients to identify shortcomings that require a solution.

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  • 25/ per houroutstaffing
  • 30/ per hour300 hours or more
  • 35/ per hour100 – 299 hours
  • 40/ per hour30 – 99 hours
  • 50/ per houropen time
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Content for the win!

Support is also needed for projects that do not require improvements. After all, even the change of content on the website requires professional skills. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We may have already answered your question. Please check our list of frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer, please contact our support service specialist.

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«Turnkey» website

The development of turnkey websites is quite a popular service, but «turnkey» is a flexible concept, and each contractor includes different works in this service.

The concept means minimizing customer participation in the work process. In the context of developing turnkey websites, the customer should only sign the contract and participate in defining the technical specification. The rest will be done by the web studio.

What is included in the «Turnkey website» service?

  • Business and market analysis (audience, competitors, supply-demand ratio, etc.)
  • Developing a marketing concept for the site and positioning the brand in the network.
  • Creating the structure and prototype of the future site.
  • Design development.
  • Technical implementation of necessary functions and page layout.
  • SEO optimization of pages.
  • Creating and placing the text and graphic content.
  • Implementing additional options required, depending on the specific nature of the business (acceptance of online payments, online consultation form, automatic posting on social networks, synchronization of data with third-party services, etc.)
  • Adapting the website to mobile devices.
  • Testing on various devices and in different browsers, with subsequent rectification of errors.
  • Transfer to hosting and launch of the site.

The customer's advantage in the development of a turnkey website

  • You do not need to search for narrow profile specialists and coordinate their work.
  • Often ordering a turnkey website at a web studio is cheaper than by parts to different specialists.
  • The web studio is fully responsible for implementing the project and will not put it on the shoulders of another contractor.
  • Time saving for monitoring the execution of works and making permanent adjustments.
  • Finally – it is a finished and fully developed product within much shorter time frames.