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Mobile Applications

Your own mobile application will be a great addition to your business.

People are increasingly using mobile apps to buy goods and services. In 2018, users around the world spent about 4 hours a day in front of their screens.

Technologies play an important role in promoting services or products. It is already impossible to imagine a modern business without a website or a mobile application.

Why companies cannot do without mobile applications today?

Applications provide sales growth and user confidence.

Companies that once moved to the internet in a timely manner, have taken leading positions in their segments. Mobile applications are the next step in the evolution of online business. The customer is not only provided with convenient ways to receive information, place orders and make other targeted actions, but you as the provider also gain a loyal user audience. Possibilities of bonus accrual and discount programs for customers who have downloaded the application will highlight your products/services against competitors. Why would a customer buy something more expensive from a competitor, when your application is already available on his/her phone?

Today, applications are becoming a powerful marketing tool that allows solving various business problems: customer acquisition; sales increase; communication with customers, etc.

Applications can interact with other functions and applications on the smartphone opening up new technological opportunities that can be turned into competitive advantages.

What kind of business needs a personal mobile app?

More than 60% of the world's population has smartphones, and this figure is growing year by year. In order not to lose this audience, businesspeople are developing applications and mobile versions of corporate websites. Applications also allow attracting only the target audience. If the user has already downloaded the application, it means that s/he is interested in the product/service that you sell.

Full-fledged applications for smartphones are needed primarily for businesses that constantly interact with customers: restaurants and cafes delivering products, taxis, hotels, sports clubs, medical centers, courses, online stores and beauty salons, among others.

As mentioned above, the application allows adding the word ‘permanent’ to the word ‘customer’. Convenience will prevent customers from using similar competitors’ services, by having your application already installed. In addition, the icon on the smartphone screen is an excellent form of advertisement.

Additional benefits of mobile applications

In addition to the benefits described above, it is worth noting such obvious benefits of mobile applications as:

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Higher user loyalty.

The possibility to launch promotions and bonuses encouraging customers to make purchases.

The possibility to create a trigger for purchase through notifications.

The application is a great tool to analyze the target audience.

The results of using mobile applications by leading brands of the world:


After launching its own application, the company has acquired three million new customers.


9 out of 10 minutes of total viewing of video content are provided by the traffic from a mobile application.


It has showed an expansion of its user base by more than a third (35%) in just one year.


The company sells about 45% of the services through a mobile application


The application has earned over 10 million dollars just in 10 days

Azbuka Vkusa

Using a mobile application, the company has increased sales by 25%

Benefits of apps vs. mobile websites.

The choice between developing a native application and the mobile version of the website depends very much on the specifics of the business, a set of work tasks and methods of working with customers.
Before making a final decision, it is important to weigh all the pros and cons of each option and choose the best method for interacting with a mobile audience based on specific needs and goals.
Some important points that distinguish applications from mobile versions of the website:
  1. The application may use augmented reality technologies;
  2. The application can be accessed with fingerprints or using the camera as a QR scanner.
  3. Much faster loading speeds.
Comparison criterion
Mobile version of the website
Ease of use from a smartphone
Search engine indexing
High loading speed
Possibility to work offline
Integration with other applications on the smartphone
Additional traffic from app stores
Possibility to access links from social networks
Low cost

The choice, in fact, comes down to the development objective and business specifics. Applications retain existing customers much better. According to comScore, users spend about 20 times more time in the app.

Mobile websites are provided with a constant flow of unique visitors from organic search and external links, while native applications receive additional traffic only from the app store.

Why Meta?

Application development is a complex process consisting of a whole set of works. And at every stage, from analytics and design, to release and subsequent support, we are ready to offer the assistance of our specialists.

Each project is individual, both in terms of cost and terms. Everything is transparent -before starting the work with the design and the application code, the customer gets acquainted with the work plan with the cost and implementation period of each stage.

Before the final release, we conduct a thorough analysis of work scenarios on different operating systems, browsers and screen resolutions, which guarantees the error-free operation of the application.

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