How to check the speed at which a website loads?

Download speed is very important for visitors.
On how quickly the site loads and displays the necessary information, depends the ease of use of this resource. Search engines are aware of this, and are constantly underestimating the issuance of SERPs position of slow loading sites.

How do we determine the download speed of the Internet resource?

For this purpose you can use one of the specialized services, such as:

PageSpeed ​​Insights

This service from Google company estimates the site loading speed on a 100-point scale, with both stationary devices and mobile devices. Together with this assessment, recommendations are provided to accelerate the loading. In addition, for mobile and stationary devices recommendations are presented separately.


In addition to measuring the speed, this tool displays a set of parameters to which we need to pay attention to speed up site loading. Loadable recommendations from Google and Yahoo are sorted according to their priority. There is an opportunity to check the speed of different sites, as well as to remember the stories for later comparison.


This service allows you to identify those elements of the site that load for longer time. You can also check the efficiency of the site download on servers from America, Europe or Asia. For each of the test areas there is reflected a sufficiently detailed statistics.


There is provided a report on pages download, as well as all related images, scripts and styles. After detailed results the service provides recommendations for increasing the loading speed of a particular site.

In whole, the control results of site download may differ slightly on different services, depending on the remote servers and other technical nuances. Nevertheless, you should look carefully to the results of this control.

It is worth to take care of the future high download speed in the pre-design stage, even before site ordering.
Sophisticated functionality and harmonious design and the lack of technical gaps on the site will have the best effect on increasing its download speed.

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