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Category Large web projects
Country Germany
Technologies PHP Framework Yii2
Deadline 4 months

ArtHustle is an educational service for artists and designers, with a special course payment mechanism. A user may rent a course and extend it if needed.

Realisation of such a functionality has required the creation of a website structure that would be user-friendly, with an easy-to-use course search. Given the mechanism of its operation, this service is similar to an online shop. That’s why we have noted triggers that are classical for e-commerce -increasing efficiency and customer retention, i.e. a wish list, widgets with course recommendations for users and a promo-system to increase customer loyalty (discounts, bonus offers, coupons and so on).

Besides the course search and rent, a user may also get acquainted with the information about the Company, their news and scheduled events, or announcements of new thematic video courses. Hence, we have managed not only to create the system of commercial interaction between the service and a user, but also the internal brand community.

Islam Aliev Client
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We had a rather complex project with a range of differences; hence we chose a web studio that would be able to accomplish the goals over a long time. We worried about co-operating with a foreign contractor, however, the Meta employees listened to our wishes very attentively and had a very responsible attitude to the development process. The distance was not a problem as all working issues were promptly settled via Skype conferences.

We would particularly like to mention the commitment, attention to details and responsiveness of their employees. Their manager was always connected, even outside office hours. Our project was implemented during those four promised months, considering all the changes we made in the course of the project development. So, we only have a positive impression. We have many project development plans, so we will be glad to continue our co-operation with Meta Company in the future.


Course rent Materials may be accessed as based on temporary subscription rights, subject to a limited period of rent.
Video watching Videos are open on an individual page, while integration with Vimeo API reduces the server load.
Personal account There is an easy-to-use personal account with a catalogue of available courses and process monitoring.
Coupons and promo codes There is an option of generating the promo codes, inclusively of individual coupons for the categories, tags and courses.
Multilingualism A user may select any of the available languages of voice work for any of the courses rented.
Online payment The online course payment function is available, where payment is possible, using a bank card or PayPal payment system.


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Personal account

When developing the user’s personal account, we proceeded from two tasks: providing the client with an easy-to-use navigation bar and increasing the sales efficiency indicator. A user-friendly catalogue of rented and free-of-charge courses is available in the personal account. An option of marking the courses as completed is also available.

The courses rented are saved in the user’s personal account, where this user may find such courses at any moment and may extend the rental thereof. Realisation of a progress bar showing the training stages completed may serve as a peculiar kind of challenge and may encourage the user to make new purchases.

The team:
Patrisia A. Designer
Boris M. Page Maker
Maxim C. Programmer
Artyom M. Art Director
Dmitryi M. Web-consultant
Anton C. Project Manager
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