Video hosting:

If you think that the online video hosting and cinema segment has already been exhausted and has been occupied for a long time, you are wrong. In recent years, several services that have taken their place in the video content have become very popular simultaneously.

  • Tiktok in the niche of short videos.
  • Netflix in the TV film and serials segment.
  • is featuring TV shows all over the world.
  • Metacafe is in the niche of amusing and entertaining videos.

And there are a lot of such examples. YouTube and Vimeo, with all their scales and capabilities, simply cannot meet global demand and the niche for video content, which grows every year.

By choosing a thematic niche, by offering bloggers alternative ways for monetization and promotion or providing more service to their public, new video hosting is gaining key competitive advantages that will help them capture their audience.

Furthermore, content services, including video hosting, do not compete with each other in the classic sense of the word. There is simply no person who can virtually watch videos just on Youtube or TikTok. The same person can be a user of several video hosting, especially when it comes to free services.

How to earn money on video hosting

In fact, there are a lot of methods for marketplace monetization:

  • Different kinds of advertising. It can be placed both in video and in separate static blocks on the site.
  • Paid subscriptions for users. To do so, the site must host unique content and on request.
  • Promotion services for bloggers.
  • Placement and recommendations of partners' content.
  • Revenue from the sale of traffic to other content services.
  • Partners' programmes.

And other monetization methods. There can be other ways to earn money in different niche and topics.

To launch a video hosting, you must further develop 4 points:

  • Technical base. To place a large volume of videos, you need powerful servers with a large amount of disk space. Moreover, the customer's overall impression on the platform depends on the speed and quality of the video playback.
  • Content and positioning. Besides choosing topics and rules for content policy, it is important to think about the content and ways to attract bloggers to the platform.
  • Marketing. Nothing will work without an audience. It is very important to think about how to attract users to the platform. The marketing will become the largest item of video hosting expenditures, so choosing inefficient promotion methods could threaten project success and budget losses.
  • Monetization. Any business should be profitable. We have already briefly described above the popular methods of monetization, but choosing the final working model will depend individually on the specificities of the project.

For a detailed study of each of these points, joint work by experienced specialists is required. Ideally, this team should specialize specifically in launching commercial projects and not only in developing websites.

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