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In the time of rapid Internet space development, it is already irrelevant to say that a website is a must have for any business.

And this is not just an image issue. Without your own website, you give the entire web audience to your competitor. In addition, a corporate website provides access to online advertising possibilities, which is much more productive than classical advertising.

Customers, partners, potential employees, the media and other market participants are constantly searching. If you don't have at least one business card site, then an interested visitor won't be able to find your company.

Corporate website –
a comprehensive work

Planning corporate website development

Something valuable cannot be created blindly. For this reason, the development of a corporate website starts with the analysis of the business. It is very important to understand the specificities of the company's business processes, to learn its geographic scope and marketing positioning strategy. A corporate website is not just a business card. It should bring sales and improve interaction with customers. It is therefore necessary to develop the company's sales concept and, if possible, to introduce new methods for selling on the website.

Even in the planning phase, it is necessary establish a vision of the target audience and of the working methods with it. A corporate website should not solely contain the company's advertising. It is very important to develop a clear content strategy with useful and entertaining materials for visitors.

It is always important to remember that the main purpose of a website is sales and profits. The structure of the website and its contents should lead the visitor to the actions concerned (order, call, registration, etc.). Even in the planning phase, you must think about a solution for the mobile audience and SEO optimization.

Possibilities of modern corporate websites

The main objectives of the corporate website are to increase profits, to present the company and to communicate with potential/existing customers. In addition, the website is a good tool for analysis. Based on presence data and behavioral factors, you can adjust the portrait of the target audience and improve the interaction methods with it.

You can integrate internal and third-party services into a corporate website. For example, a site can be associated with a CRM system to combine client’s database. And if you provide consulting services, then any interaction with the customer, including payment, may be organized directly on the website.

The corporate site is an excellent platform for finding new employees and optimizing the work of the existing ones. On the corporate website, you can organize the so-called “Intranet”. This is an internal network of the company, where you can work collectively on projects or create a management system of internal documents.

What should be on a corporate website?

Virtually all corporate websites are built according to the following structure:

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Company presentation. List of all competitive advantages and project portfolio

Description of main and additional activities. Of course, with a hint of advertising

Useful functionality and content for the visitor. If your website is just a business card, it won't be visited regularly

Contact data or feedback form. The visitor should be given the opportunity to get in touch with you

The success of the website, in turn, depends on the quality of execution of listed points. Several examples of excellent corporate sites


The company's description is in the form of an elegant presentation with the possibility of switching to video.


Webpage for investors and partners in the form of a mosaic of figures and facts about company results.


Instead of investment bids and advertising, this company simply presents its financial statements.


80% of the material on the site is image content about how the company takes care of nature, children and animals.

BNP Parribas

The focus is on employees. Tens of thousands of conglomerate employees from around the world are presented on the website.


The focus is on entertainment content. The site contains everything from recipes to scientific research.

Business card sites or functional corporate sites with an individual design?

Business card sites are small web resources
(1-5 pages) that provide the visitor with only basic information about the company and its activities.
Corporate sites in turn allow you to reveal much more information up to the placement of catalogues, interactive widgets and additional functionality for your customers.
They generally differ only by elaborating in detail the main components of the site:
  1. Design and structure of resource design;
  2. Content and information value;
  3. Functionality and technical solutions implemented.
Comparison criterion
Business Card Site
Corporate Site
Company presentation and customer interaction
High development speed
Low development cost
Enlarged structure
Functionality limitations
Individual design
Best ranking in the search engine

A corporate website combines the functions of a business card website and promotional sites created to promote certain services, goods and promotions on the market.

Corporate site - a flexible solution that allows you to create the design according to brand concept and implement almost any functionality for your customer.

Usability and targeted actions

A corporate site should firstly become an efficient and profitable sales channel. Its structure should effectively lead the visitor to the actions needed by the company.

These aren't necessarily sales. Calling the support service and subscribing to updates allow for a closer interaction with the audience. But letters and notifications will already lead the customer to a purchase.

Even the reposting of articles from a corporate blog on social networks increases the scope of your publications, while increasing the recognition of your brand. That is why content marketing is one of the best ways to promote a brand.

Time and cost of developing a corporate website

The time for the development of a corporate website depends directly on the volume of work according to the approved schedule and the complexity of its implementation. We offer a fixed cost to build a corporate site with an individual design. The final price of your project will depend on the additional options you select. Provide your phone number in the feedback form and get a free individual consultation.

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