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Progressive Web App

Are you planning a budget for your own mobile application?

PWA is an inexpensive and functional technology that allows your website to securely ‘register’ on users' mobile devices.

No viruses, no spam, no intrusion – all only with the consent of users and for their comfort!

Key features of the Progressive Web Application:

Loading speed, comfort of use and low price.

The demand for Progressive Web App development and implementation services is easily explained by the obvious benefits of the choice. The applications have a fast loading speed. It is known that 53% of users prefer to leave the website if page loading lasts more than 3 seconds. This problem disappears when using the PWA. Quick response to user commands and instant loading of the desired content are the key features of the solution. Unlike standard applications, the speed and quality of the Internet connection does not affect the startup of the PWA.

Unlike the PWA, the development of standard applications is still ongoing. But this is temporary, since it is the PWA that makes the work with the website very simple and convenient. In the near future, the rapid development of new technologies is forecasted.

About 30% of website visitors get lost at the application installation stage. Not everyone is ready to wait long. But when using the PWA, such problems do not arise. The price of these solutions that is 10 times less than the cost of developing conventional mobile applications is also of great importance!

How does the Progressive Web Application work?

The Progressive Web App is in fact a hybrid of a website and an application. Working on devices running Android or iOS, this technology allows interacting with the website in much the same way as when using a standard application. However, the website does not load from the network, but from the device’s cache. Accordingly, the loading speed of the resource itself increases significantly, and the updated data are loaded via the Internet.

The user just needs to make one click to install the application that works on the basis of this technology in order to enjoy the fastest and most comfortable access to this internet resource in the future. The software is installed instantly and takes a minimum amount of space. The website is accessed directly from the desktop of any smartphone or other mobile device.

A fast startup is possible using the Service Worker script, whose tasks include choosing a method for processing the resource request and managing the cache. This script is similar to the customer’s proxy object, which significantly reduces the likelihood of failures. The availability of a set of Web App Manifest directives allows using the website in a comfortable full-screen mode.

Why should the Progressive Web Application be chosen?

In addition to the above advantages, it is worth noting further features of this technology:

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Development of the application for any modern mobile devices;

Possibility to work with any mobile browser;

Using HTTPS to prevent interception or substitution of data;

Development of the application for any modern mobile devices;

It is worth presenting here the results of using Progressive Web Apps by some well-known internet services:

The Washington Post

after switching to the PWA, the website visits have grown by 12%


after the introduction of the PWA, the conversion has increased by 104% (in all browsers)


after the introduction of the PWA, it has been possible to increase the website loading speed by 23%.


after connection of the PWA with push notification technology, the return rate has increased by 8%


after launching the PWA, the page loading speed has increased by 38%


after switching to the PWA, revenues from ads have grown by 44%

Comparison of the PWA features, standard application or website

PWAs are added more often than an application is installed. The PWA shows its functional benefits immediately, while the application does so, only after installation.
Clicks on the PWA are more likely to occur. The desktop icon is weightier than bookmarks in the browser. And the logo icon is also a free and constant brand advertisement.
If we are talking about the PWA as a direct alternative to the mobile version of the website and application, then we need to consider it having due regard to the main competitors.
  1. PWA
  2. Mobile version of the site
  3. Classic app
Comparison criterion
Mobile version of the website
High development speed
Low cost
Possibility to work offline
High loading speed
Push notifications
Search engine indexing
Secure connection only

The user can buy goods, order services (or make other target actions) without connection to the internet. And you will get a lead in a situation in which a regular website loses it.

The PWA does not interact with all applications and device services. Therefore, if for example, you need access to contact lists, you should consider classic applications.

How to connect the Progressive Web Apps on your own website?

The development and implementation of any technological solution is always associated with the search for an appropriate specialist. This fully applies to the Progressive Web Application as well.

Developers of native applications still dominate the market, and these are they who dictate the current development trends of the services market for mobile users.

The low development cost of the Progressive Web Apps is simply disadvantageous for developers of standard expensive applications, which is why its distribution is hindered.

Therefore, the work on such a functional low-cost solution should be better entrusted to Web development professionals.

META company is ready to perform a full range of works for the implementation of this technology on your internet resource. The complexity of the project does not intimidate us, as we are ready to guarantee high-quality performance of the PWA for websites of any complexity, focus and functional content.

We are a professional team and we know how to make your site better.
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