The website needs content and constant technical modernization

Website Support

Support for a web resource is the comprehensive maintenance of a website, which includes both providing technical functionality and content on pages.

Technical support guarantees constant availability of the resource for the visitor, technical functionality of pages, regular data backup and restoration of working versions of the website.

Information support, in turn, is based on the optimization of text and graphic materials and constant updating of content. This positively affects the website position in the search results.

Website technical support:

The website should work properly, otherwise why was it created?

If a visitor cannot get to the website, or if one of the functional blocks does not work, in addition to the indignation of customers and loss of your reputation, you will constantly miss orders from the website, subscriptions to news, customers, and hence profit. Technical support is aimed at eliminating this likelihood. All adjustments proposed by the customer are promptly made, faults are fixed in a timely manner, and the website is available 24/7.

In addition to constantly monitoring the technical functionality of the website, it is important not to forget that constant work on the usability (convenient use of the resource) is equally important. To do this, you need to refine the structure and functionality of the website throughout a long time.

The inaccessibility of the website, as well as any errors and malfunctions lead to poor search ranking, and hence to the outflow of organic traffic. The lack of constant maintenance by a specialist can nullify all SEO efforts made to promote the resource.

Content management and information support of the website

Ensuring the proper functioning of the website is not even half the battle. Attracting and retaining a visitor to the website is much more important. This objective is best achieved by means of relevant and interesting content. Regular updating of content will allow not only to index new pages, but also to improve the indicators of behavioral factors of the audience.

It is not only about the text, but also about the graphic content of the pages. Information support also includes coding and adaptation of new pages, timely removal of outdated/irrelevant data, work with meta-tags and other components of competent SEO optimization.

If you contract ‘turnkey information support’ for the website, all advertising campaigns and the administration of social networks should also be entrusted to the same contractor. Thus, one and the same contractors will be responsible for the final result. Moreover, production and approval times are reduced.

Why is it better to entrust the website support to web studios?

At first glance, it seems that self-support and website promotion will save money, but this is not the case.

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Savings on staff salaries

Savings on work equipment.

Saving of staff work time.

High-quality website optimization and lack of errors.

Even the most successful IT companies outsource resource support services:


A billionaire company has once been taken out from the level of beta version by a team of outsourcers;


The software part has been developed by an outsourcing team from Estonia;


Uses mostly outsourced staff from different countries;


The software part of the famous hosting provider has been developed by the freelancer Chris Wanstrath;


At the stage of creation, the start-up contracted three quarters of its competitor’s staff as freelancers.


Due to the lack of specialists in China, it entrusted the support of its platforms to a team from the US.

Related SEO promotion

As mentioned above, promotion in search results is a direct result of competent technical and information support.
Both the optimization of the code and the content management determine the place in the search results. Therefore, it is very important to combine the technical and informational support of the resource.
Website promotion in the search is carried out by the same set of actions as its support:
  1. Content management
  2. Internal resource optimization
  3. Removal of technical errors and proper operation of all versions of the website.
Comparison criterion
Website technical support
Information support
Internal optimization
Mobile version control
Working with XML and meta tags
Code optimization and page loading speed
Work on audience behavioral factors

To have a complete set, only the work on the external link mass is missed. All other points are observed. Thus, regular support of the website will allow to carry out its basic search promotion.

SEO is getting more organic. It’s not necessary to overload articles with keywords, and purchase dozens of links. It is simply enough to ensure stable operation and regular updating of the website content.

How do we work?

First of all, a complete list of functional changes that the customer wants to see on his/her website is determined, and a content plan is drawn up. Thus, we understand what tasks will be fulfilled in each time frame.

Depending on the tasks set, the work hours of the Meta's full-time specialists are allocated for the project support. For some projects, specialists are assigned on an ongoing basis.

The set of works is fully reported to the customer. Then a work plan for the next month is drawn up and so on. This is how the ongoing work on the resource is arranged.

What else can be included in the range of the website support services?

The administration of the current advertising campaigns and corporate accounts in social networks can and should be entrusted to an outsourcer. By agreement, the range of resource support services may include processing of received requests and supporting users. Get a free specialist consultation on the support of your website by indicating your phone number in the feedback form.

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