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Country Cyprus
Technologies CMS WordPress
Deadline 2 months

Millioneris is a company that offers airport-hotel transfer services in Cyprus. To order a car, the customer chooses the brand, specifies the city of arrival and the destination. The website automatically calculates the cost and proposes to pay it online. After that, the order is processed and confirmed by the administrator.

The purpose of the project is to make ordering of cars as convenient as possible. The company’s management understands how important it is that every potential customer that visits the website is able to easily order a car, through just a few clicks. It was important to make it possible for the administrator to process the customers’ orders rapidly. We therefore created a simple and convenient panel for the administrator, through which s/he works with the order.

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We had been looking for a long time where to order the development of our web-site, and finally we have chosen ‘Meta’ company and  have come up trumps. The work has been done at a very high level and for an adequate fee. The guys ‘have hit the mark’ from the very beginning as they have proposed a suitable design that has been approved almost instantly. We liked the work of the whole team. It runs smoothly, and the staff are very attentive to details.

We have been surprised by the responsible approach of the company's employees to the development of the design documents, the design has been worked out to the smallest details. In the end, we have gotten exactly what we had wanted.

Thank you for your professionalism, individual approach to the customer and flexibility!


Convenient processing of orders The administrator processes the orders of uses through a convenient administration panel.
Slider The slider allows viewing of all the company's cars and selecting the appropriate option.
Online payment of orders The user can rapidly pay for the order through the PayPal payment system.
Adaptive design Allows the convenient viewing of the website and placing of orders from a phone, tablet and computer.
Multilingual website The website works in three languages - Russian, German and English.
Company’s blog In the company's blog, the visitor reads news and is made aware of promotions.


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Simplified ordering of cars and processing of orders

We have achieved the primary purpose of the customer – to simplify the placement of orders for cars. Now, one can order a car in a convenient way, online.

After the customer views all the cars, s/he chooses a suitable one, indicates the place of departure, the flight and the time of arrival. The user may order a transfer from the hotel to the airport to avoid seeking a transfer at the last minute.

Once all of the necessary options were selected, the order is paid and sent to the administration panel, where it is processed by the administrator. The customer pays for the transfer through PayPal. The confirmation of the order and of the payment is sent to the customer's e-mail. Once the order has been made, the user can be sure that his/her order was received, and a comfortable car will await him/her at the indicated time.

The team:
Kirill T. Designer
Sergey L. Page Maker
Vladimir R. Programmer
Mark A. Web-consultant
Anton C. Project Manager
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