Mobile Development

The mobile audience will make over 50% of the total number of users as soon as 2020.

Google has switched over to Mobile-first indexing since 1 July 2018. According to this principle, the websites adapted for mobile devices will have an advantage in case of search indexing.

One just cannot ignore half of their audience. So, if you have not developed a solution for smartphone and tablet/PC users, you have given away half of our audience to your rivals.

Mobile adaptation of websites

Mobile Version or Adaptive Design?

Even if there is a special application, the website should also be optimised for mobile devices. First of all, this is what websites’ search indexing depends on. Secondly, one has to kindle users’ interest if they want such users to download their app. So, there are two options for mobile version realisation. The first one is a special mobile version, which is an independent website. Mobile versions are usually shorter and simpler than major version. Only required contents and functionalities are left there. The second option is adaptive design, i.e. the same major version of a website but adapted to smartphone screen extension.

Choosing adaptive design or mobile version is up to you. Special versions are usually chosen if a solution for the mobile audience has to differ from the point of view of its functionalities, structure or content.

A mobile version is a separate website; hence its SEO should be promoted separately. Mobile version allows reaching a better loading speed; however, each page should be repeatedly optimised.

Mobile Apps Development

Native applications mean full-fledged software on your clients’ smartphone screens. Their development costs more, however, they give more possibilities. Mobile applications can interact with other smartphone software, but this provides new functional options and extends the scope of audience information received.

Availability of a mobile app increases the loyalty of client audience. As soon as your application is downloaded, the client will not leave for your rivals, if everything else is equal. Additional promotions and discounts can help to hold the clients, while push notifications will make subscribers to take new desired actions.

Applications will bring a new audience to your company, from Google Play and the App Store. Developing classical applications is more suitable for businesses that need a permanent contact with their clients. Here may be included taxi services, cafés, restaurants, courier services, e-stores, fitness clubs and so on.

Mobile Solutions for E-Stores

E-stores need both mobile versions and applications. It is important to synchronise the following issues with the major site version:

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Flypage creation and adaptation to mobile devices;

Calculation of delivery, and integration with carrier’s recording services;

Automated payments and synchronization of operation processing with the Accounting Department;

Synchronization of the users and personal discounts data.

Here are some examples of perfect mobile solutions from the largest global e-stores


One can book the disk they need, for the required time, but the order is automatically forwarded to the nearest stall.


Card Mobile application allows independently choosing the beverage components and ordering such a beverage for a certain time.

Best Buy

Buyers can not only make an order, but also scan the QR code to receive the goods’ feedback and to compare the goods with their analogues.


Style Mixer allows the users to select outfits using a virtual mannequin and to share their ideas.


This is a service for food delivery from supermarkets. You only have to choose the positions you need, from the aggregator and to specify delivery time and place.

Home Depot

You only need to scan the goods’ barcode and then the application will show you at what store and at what price you can buy it.

Web Application as an Alternative to Mobile Version and Application

PWA technology from Google is a mobile version and application hybrid. Users can add the mobile version icon on any device screen.
PWA means, first of all, the mobile version, hence, it is indexed by search engines. Meanwhile, it can also interact with some telephone functions as an application.
The following should be mentioned as main advantages of Progressive Web Apps:
  1. It does not need to be downloaded and has only to get your consent to adding it,
  2. High page loading speed
  3. Offline operations on any devices.
Comparison criterion
Mobile version
High development speed
Low cost
Offline operation option
High loading speed
Push notifications
Search indexing

The offline access option realised due to background loading will have a positive impact on the audience loyalty and post reach.

PWA can interact with cards, wallets, contacts and device gallery, can send notifications and share data with other applications and services.

Mobile Development and SEO

The largest search engines, i.e. Google, Yandex, Bing, MSN, Yahoo and many others, switched to Mobile First indexing long ago. In other words, the pages adapted for mobile extensions will be always ranked amongst first ones in the search engine results.

There is no sense in search promotion without a solution for mobile audience. Even if a non-optimised page is ranked amongst top 10, it will lead to a refusal (bounce) as soon as a smartphone user opens the page.

The bounce rate is the key behavioural factor in the search ranking. A search engine always puts audience’s interests before all else. So, if one cannot satisfy such interests, they will always be lower than their rivals in the search results.

Mobile Developments Time Frames and Cost

The price and time frames of development of a solution for your company’s mobile audience directly depends on the format you choose. You can increase the efficiency if you combine several options. We will help you to find and to realise an individual solution for smartphone and tablet/PC users. Get an individual consultation on application or mobile version development by providing your telephone number in the feedback form.

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