The first lines of search results get most of the search traffic.

SEO website promotion

Judge for yourself how often do you go beyond the first page of search results?

If for a specific query your website does not fall into the top ten, or preferably in the top five search results, then, according to statistics, you will get a little less than 1% of organic traffic.

You will have to get the main traffic from external sources, direct visits and advertising. All three alternative options are either changeable or expensive.

SEO is a long-term investment

Why a corporate website cannot do without SEO promotion?

The term ‘SEO promotion’ covers a whole range of actions aimed at optimizing the website. Work is carried out to speed up page loading, develop a version for mobile devices, and optimize the website content and structure. After all the SEO optimization works, you will get a technologically advanced and user-friendly website that will direct the customer to targeted actions (purchase, preparation of application, registration, subscription, etc.). Moreover, external links, in addition to improving page indexing, are also an additional source of traffic.

We have already said that SEO is an investment. The money spent on bringing the website to the top search results come back in the form of purchases made by users from organic search results.

The high position of the website in search results will attract not only customers. Potential partners and suppliers also use search engines to choose the most interesting offers.

Current popular trends of SEO website promotion

The content benefits and visitor’s behavior are now more important than keywords and links. The main goal of the search engine is to provide the user with a solution. The recent changes in search algorithms are aimed at promoting websites where visitors spend a lot of time and are active. Therefore, competent content management is indispensable.

It is particularly important to work on usability, constantly making the website more user-friendly. Changing the structure, removing blank pages and duplicates, working on the location of information and functional units can significantly improve the website’s position in search results.

Search promotion of online stores should be based on the range and detailed descriptions of items in the catalogue. The main behavioral factor here will be not likes and the time spent on the website, but conversion, sales and feedback.

Why you should not do it yourself?

Wanting to save money, many try to promote their website on their own ‘following some instructions’, but this can lead to:

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Pessimization of the resource in search results and falling into the filters of search engines.

Waste of time and marketing budget with no visible result.

Thoughtless purchase of links will lead to search engines blacklisting the website.

One person definitely does not have enough time for full SEO promotion of the website.

Here are some examples of competent work on SEO promotion of leading world brands:


The more information about a product, the more popular it is. So, Etsy promotes the platform with users.


The product on the website falls into several categories and sections at the same time. Thus, almost all pages are updated on a daily basis.


Individual page structure with a minimum of code used. The average website load time is less than a second.


Champions in terms of usability and internal relinking. Users can get to the same page in more than ten different ways.


Developed their own product parameter tags. The search engine gets full product information by items.


The company’s website is based on users’ content left by pet owners that in this way promote the brand in search.

SEO or contextual advertising? Comparison of the two methods of website promotion

The choice of method for attracting customers depends on the specifics of the website and the specific page, goals and planned timelines for achieving the result.
Contextual advertising is an instant solution that allows attracting visitors from the very beginning of the campaign, and SEO is a large-scale work aimed at long-term results.
The three main advantages of SEO over contextual advertising are:
  1. No need to pay per click. Visitors come from organic search;
  2. Loyal audience. The user always trusts search results more;
  3. Constant replenishment of the customer base at no extra cost.
Comparison criterion
Contextual advertising
Pay per click
The result is visible from the beginning of the campaign
Effect after the end of the campaign
Users’ trust
Proper audience targeting
High price

Contextual advertising is well suited for new websites, promotions, launching of new products, etc. SEO is a comprehensive campaign that in the long run will promote the entire website, rather than a single page.

Moreover, you can combine both promotion methods. To attract visitors at the initial stage of SEO promotion, it’s worth setting up the advertising traffic towards the key pages of the website.

Search engine promotion by ‘Meta’ specialists

We develop an individual promotion plan based on a detailed audit of the website structure, content, usability, external link mass and many other parameters for each website.

We always work transparently. Even before the beginning of works, the customer will know the exact timing and cost of search promotion. We focus on website promotion specifically for targeted queries, saving your money.

A promotion strategy is always designed having due regard for the level of competition. We regularly provide the customer with detailed and clear reports on the work results, including the dynamics of specific queries.

Timing and cost of search promotion of your project

The price and timing of promoting your website for targeted queries directly depend on the required amount of work. We cannot provide specific numbers without a detailed audit of the website. Get a personalized consultation on promotion of your website. To do this, just leave your phone number in the feedback form.

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