Real estate catalogue:

Apartments and houses - goods that will always be sought. People must live somewhere, even if there is a crisis in the country, and the situation with work and finances is difficult. Real estate business is therefore profitable at all times. But agencies need to keep pace with the times and understand what people value today and what they will value tomorrow. It is important to make the company's services more attractive and to automate business processes. This will allow you to organize the workflow, save time and money, and find more customers.

How is a website supposed to be?

Comfortable. If a person is looking for an apartment, then he or she needs a detailed catalogue of real estate with an advanced search filter (for sale, purchase, monthly or daily rental, per hour). The beautiful design and simple interface play an important role.

Credible. We need up-to-date information on each object. Namely, available options with a detailed description: address, infrastructure, surface, etc. No one likes it when the house that he or she liked proves to be a villa, where it's impossible to make a residence visa, be damaged or even sold a month ago. It is important for the customer to see panoramic photos, watch video, be able to see the cost of the house immediately.

Functional. It's perfect when you can use feedback and talk to the real estate agent. To this end, chatbots and online call ordering are appropriate. The customer can be served operatively, but discreetly. Mortgage/credit calculators are needed so the user can find out through several clicks the size of the monthly payment to the bank of interest - and leave a request for the mortgage loan program.

All this gives the company solidarity and it is not easy to gain confidence in housing issues.

We create real estate catalogues from scratch

If a real estate agent or agency has a website or a landing page, then you can refine them. Creating a functional and modern web site helps develop the business, accelerates decisions, and leaves more financial resources for further expansion of the business. This will highlight your business on the market.

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