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Category Mobile applications
Country Germany
Technologies PHP Framework Yii2
Deadline 5 months

Scoutberlin is a resource comprising the bulletin board and online companies guide. This resource is targeted at the Russian-speaking Berlin inhabitants. However, there are also German, English and Romanian versions of the web site, besides Russian one. Analysis of competitive resources helped us to develop an up-to-date, fully-functional but still rather easy-to-use web site. We can also deal with SEO promotion of this resource, upon customer’s request.

Web site visitors view and place advertisements about purchase and sale of different goods and services. Besides general information about companies, this guide also includes photographic and video materials of such companies, and a quick texting form. Moreover, users can assess companies and leave comments.

Dmitrii Client
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Together with Meta-Sistem team we have managed to turn our project into reality. The employees involved in creating our web-site have done their best and have used all their knowledge in developing the design and functionality of the web-site, for which we are very thankful.

At the moment, we continue to cooperate in promoting the SEO platform for the full launch of the project. We are glad that have chosen you and look forward to further fruitful cooperation!


Automatic identification of region Automatic identification of user’s location allows viewing only advertisements and companies from the region, where such a user stays now.
Radius search There is realised the option of searching for advertisements placed within a territory limited by the radius chosen.
Automatic advertisement boost An author may indicate the time, week days and intervals of automatic republication of their advertisements.
Internal messages Users may exchange messages, using an internal message system.
Online payment Web site services are paid for using such payment systems as Sofort and PayPal Plus.
Search engine optimisation The web site code has been optimised in conformity with search engine requirements.


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Publishing third-party advertisements

A web service allowing publishing advertisements from other bulletin boards has been developed for Scoutberlin web site. The web service uses, for operation, special API (application programming interface) parameters proposed by our specialists. Advertisements are gathered automatically and then placed in conformity with their categories or subcategories.

Advertisements gathered from other bulletin boards are included in the web site search results too, depending on user’s requests. The function of user’s automatic location is applicable thereto too. As a result, Scoutberlin users get the fullest and most actual information about availability of required goods and services in selected Berlin district, without a need for visiting other web resources.

The team:
Kirill T. Designer
Alexey D. Page Maker
Vadim C. Programmer
Olga J. Web-consultant
Anton C. Project Manager
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