Community of Craftsmen and Manufacturers


Category Support
Country Ukraine
Technologies Wordpress
Deadline 6 months

WeCreate is an interesting project of the Handicraft Chamber of Ukraine. This is a service for craftsmen and manufacturers, combining the functions of a social network and marketplace.

The main goal of WeCreate is to develop skilled craftsmen and build partnerships between large and small producers. On WeCrate, anyone can post his or her works, create a portfolio and find partners/buyers. Any craftsman registered on the site also receives access to the organisation’s events, exhibitions and grant programmes.

The service is constantly developing from a site focused exclusively on building business relations, and with our joint efforts, WeCreate became an integrated thematic community -professional social network.


Catalogue The list of service users with the possibility of filtering by type of activity, region and other parameters.
Posting line An integral element of a social network. You can share posts and follow the publications of other participants, discovering their activities.
User profile The possibility to fully edit your personal information, create a portfolio and manage contacts on your network.
Groups Thematic communities, which bring together the platform’s participants according to interests.
Messages There is an option to create private and group messages with users inside the service.
Notifications You can subscribe to other users’ updates and important platform notifications.


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Social Network

On WeCreate we implemented the functionality of a fully-fledged social network. With publications, groups, private messages and other attributes of social networks. This was done to expand the possibilities of platform users. Now this is not only a place for selling/buying handmade items, but also a fully-fledged community of like-minded people. Craftsmen can share their experience and ideas, talk about new concepts and completed projects. And buyers can find permanent business partners and establish a dialogue with them directly on the platform -All of this in a convenient “shell” of a social network.

The team:
Kirill T. Designer
Boris M. Page Maker
Vladimir R. Programmer
Dmitryi M. Web-consultant
Anton C. Project Manager
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