Rent of courses:

Thanks to the high employment of people and the popularity of remote work, the launch of courses in the online space is becoming increasingly demanded more than ever. The coronavirus pandemic has further raised interest in the topic. Because of restrictive measures, the course is either allowed or not. And the expenses of renting space hit our pockets very hard. Distance learning - is a solution for many companies, which offer different courses and seminars. An additional advantage of online courses is geographic independence. Listeners and spectators (webinars, video lessons) can connect from anywhere in the world. This approach allows you to reach a new level.

How does it work?

To access online learning according to Udemy type or to choose ArtHustle, the concept of our company - an education service for painters and designers, there is uploaded the course catalogue with relevant description - hours, methods, evaluations (reviews), marks. There is provided also the information on teachers, their specialization, academic degree. Visitors see announcements of new products, bonuses and discounts.

The user will have a personal cabinet with access to all material with the opportunity to buy the course that he or she is co-interested in - by making an online purchase, as in an internet store. Lessons become available for viewing after the online payment of the course. Completing and accepting tasks, verifying homework, are also automated.

What are you getting?

You can add your course, and the materials will be protected by pirates (from screen recording, external camera - also). Since all processes are automated, the work is accelerating and sales volumes are increasing. You can launch a large project for thousands of students. The percentage of satisfied students is also increasing, and they recommend the course to their friends and colleagues. High marks will allow you to raise the price of the course. In addition, such platforms open doors to efficient marketing tools - from chatbots and related links to CRM and multichannel emails.

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