Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my site poorly displayed in XXX browser on YYY device?

There are a large number of operating systems (desktop and mobile) and browsers. And even more options for combining them. Each Operation System and browser also has several working versions. The quality and accuracy of images will also depend directly on the device and format of the screen used.

It's almost impossible to test all possible options for displaying the site. When we deliver the project, we test the site after an approved list of popular combinations, and we can guarantee you correct functioning of the site with such initial data. At the customer's request, this list may be extended.

Why is my site uploading slower than competitors’ sites/than I would like/than Microsoft?)

The upload speed of the page depends simultaneously on multiple variables.

Firstly, the contents of the page. The more graphic content, blocks of text and complicated scripts it contains, the longer it would take to load.

Secondly, the performance of the server. The quicker it processes the requests it receives, the faster it will upload an individual page for an individual user.

And also, it depends on the location of the visitor, browser, current server loading, and many other factors. To speed up the individual pages on your site, you could consider using Google AMP technology. These are accelerated versions of Google processed pages, partially downloading the server. It is important to use the same speed calculation method before and after optimization.

Make my site appear as a top Google search result

Optimizing search engines is difficult and complex work. If your site reaches the top search results based on correct requests, it depends on many factors, starting from content quality and competition level after request, ending with the download speed and the age of the site.

If anyone guarantees you to be in the Top 3 for all key requests, you most likely have to deal with some unfair executors. Using the methods of promoting “black SEO”, of course, you can quickly reach the top search results. But it threatens to get the site under search engine filters. We only practice the promotion methods recommended by search engines. They are effective and secure but require an adequate level of effort and time.

There is no “golden key” to search engines. Ranking algorithms are constantly changing and are kept in strict confidentiality to avoid ‘brainwashing’. SEO is a broad and complex topic, you can read more information in the relevant section of our site.

Could I change the design of my old website?

The re-design of a Website - this is the work of the designer, but also of the template designer and programmer. In case of radical design changes and site structure, full or partial adaptation of the software compartment will be required for the new design in order to perform all of the same functions.

Thus, if the task is simply to update the appearance of the resource with a minimal budget, without involving programmers, then the changes will be insignificant.

Not every layout allows you to update your design. Before starting the redesign of the old site, you must evaluate the fairness of the layout and relevance of the code used.

Why did a virus appear on my website? How to secure my website in the future?

There are standard technical solutions to escape and prevent the standard actions of hackers (SPAM attacks, DDoS attacks, fishing, placing a malicious code, data theft, etc.). But experienced hackers know how to bypass these security measures.

Therefore, if valuable confidential information is stored on your website or server, you must immediately contact information security specialists who will develop a set of individual security measures for the site and perform a technical task for developers.

We assess the level of security of the sites using the recognized methodology for searching for OWASP Top-10 vulnerabilities. At the customer's request, we can analyze the site by vulnerabilities and introduce necessary changes.

What’s better: a mobile version of a site or an application?

Classical applications can interact with basic phone functions (contacts, geo-location, and can also send Push notifications). In addition, applications are placed in Operating System Storages (AppStore, Play Market), where they get an additional audience.

For their part, mobile versions are indexed by search engines and do not require to be downloaded. Now you don't have to choose between the two any more. PWA (Progressive Web Apps) technology combines the benefits of both approaches. This is a mobile version that fits the search engine index, while it has the functionality of classic applications. Learn more about PWA applications.

How can I choose a domain/hosting for my project?

The domain should be short, memorable and easy to pronounce. In terms of further promotion of the resource, it will be more effective to choose the domain of the country where the website will be promoted. If the project is international, you can choose universal domain areas (. com,. org,. info, etc.) or create multiple sites located in a specific country (with different contacts and different domain areas).

Hosting must also be selected closer to the target audience. This will increase the server response speed and therefore the site loading speed. You have to choose a reliable hosting. Particular attention should be paid to Uptime indicators (time without stops) and server response speed.

Is it possible to develop a project 2, 3, nth times faster?

The work on a project has a clear sequencing of actions. The development of sites and applications is carried out in stages by various specialists. Each development phase is based on previous results. This is incorrect and it is not always possible to run them in parallel.

Accelerating work on a project is possible only by attracting more specialists and dividing work into blocks. But the budget of the project with this approach will increase proportionately.

Why does this work cost so much? How do you evaluate your work?

An estimate of the cost of work for a project is carried out in accordance with the necessary time of the specialists (and the cost of one hour per specialist) for its implementation. Evaluation of a project in this way can only be made after the exact list of tasks has been drawn up. In that case, the client sees the final amount for implementing the full list of works. But, if the client has additional wishes, the budget will proportionately increase.

There is also a second option - this is a monthly (or per hour) tasks setting and payment for teamwork. It is a more flexible working method, allowing continued changes to the work plan. But in this case, the customer is unaware of the terms of implementation and the final cost of the project. Paying the team's working period is a convenient model for working on large-scale projects, when it is impossible to draw up an exact list of tasks.

Why isn’t my website working?

The site may not work for three reasons:

  1. Cessation of website hosting support or cessation of domain rights. This may also be the case where the amount of rent is not paid or the amount of resources is exceeded (memory, file number, server load percentage, etc.).
  2. Intentional (technical) or involuntary interruption of hosting work.
  3. Possible errors on the site.

The possible cases are verified namely in this order.

How can I promote my website?

There are dozens of methods to promote your website. The most important ways are highlighted as:

  • Context advertising in search results. Its advantage is that interested users from the results of the organic search will come to the site.
  • SEO promotion of the site. Provides a long-term result and steady flow of users from search results, even after the end of SEO promotion.
  • Promotion in social networks. Social networks are a perfect source of trafficking and a means to build a dialogue with the audience. And publicity directed on social networks allows you to select only the target audience for promotion.
  • Banner advertising. An excellent tool for improving brand awareness.

The promotion of the website must be based on a well-thought and balanced marketing campaign and on the marketing position of the brand. The selection of promotion methods should also be based on the analysis of the target audience and the activities of competitors. Learn more about how to promote websites.

Why does action X not happen to Y? Isn't that logical?

The site is based on project documentation. At the stage of its confirmation, we are trying to cover as many aspects of future development as possible. Approving a project, it is very important to make sure that the project documentation describes exactly what you expect to see. If you have any questions, it is better to ask them immediately and not assume that the contractor sees things logically the same as you.

Of course, it is impossible at the project documentation stage to provide for all the details, and after the handover of the work there may be additional wishes and improvements, but the issue of project approval and technical specification must be tackled with full responsibility.

How to restore the website and data due to technical failures or non-payment for hosting?

We recommend that all our customers create a daily backup of the website. It’s worth saving your backup concurrently for a few days and keeping it in a reliable file store.

On hosting, in case of non-payment of services, spare copies are stored only for 30 days. If you fail to pay services this time, the backup will be lost irremediably. We also store recovery files only when the project is delivered to the customer. Any changes you made later will be lost if you do not systematically save the current versions.

Why do requests not come from the site in the mail? Why do letters go to the spam folder?

Requests on the initial feedback form cannot come for several reasons. Most often, the letters fall within the mail server’s SPAM filters. There may be many reasons: the necessary data are not recorded on the server, the letter may contain suspicious content, etc.

The solution to the problem should be started by analyzing the postal server and possible errors on it. If everything is okay with the server, you must search for errors in the message code.

Why has my website become slower over time?

There are two main reasons for slowing the speed of the site:

  1. Un-optimized content. If new content with a large number of graphic elements appears on the site over time. To restore site speed, you’ll need to optimize the format, size, and “weight” of graphic elements.
  2. Increasing the load on the server. If the site is not optimized by the increased number of visitors, the increase in traffic will significantly affect its operating speed. In this case, there may be several simultaneous solutions: switching the server more efficiently, changing the data storage structure, optimizing the system for accessing the site database, optimizing certain queries, etc.

Furthermore, the solution to this problem should be sought on the server and only then web developers should be involved.

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