How to Convert Website Visitors into Clients?

Internet Marketing

The major part of search queries relates to purchases, or is of commercial nature.

More and more companies move their commercial activities to the online space, hence, the level of competition for internet users demands has been growing on a continuous basis.

The large companies’ expenses for development of internet marketing technologies are almost double their marketing budgets. All this is done to be ahead of the curve.

Marketing Strategy

One can make business without strategy, but one cannot develop without strategy

Online marketing does not differ much from classical marketing. First of all, one should start out from the target audience. A consumer profile is very important for choosing the messages behind advertising materials, techniques of audience stimulation and promotion channels. A key fact about internet marketing is that clients search for information all by themselves and are always contact initiators.

Hence, one has to work with a ‘heated-up’ and already interested audience. And what is more, the seller-buyer contacts have the form of a dialogue from the very beginning. Rivals are the second key factor. One should also analyse the strong and, especially, weak points of rivals’ promotion strategies, when preparing one’s own marketing strategy.

Goals and techniques. The goals may be selling, raising the brand awareness, forming the subscriber database, and so on. The techniques selected depend on the goal chosen and the business specificity. A business may get all the information about their potential client and build an individual sales strategy, using internet marketing.

Specifics of Analysis of Marketing Strategy Results

Even the most detailed and thought-over marketing strategy needs to be improved and updated from time to time. The campaign results should be assessed from the point of view of efficiency and profitability thereof. One should calculate the amount of costs per desired action for each of their marketing channels.

The higher costs are, the worse it is. One should refuse the unprofitable promotion techniques and reallocate the budget for more effective ones.

The audience should be monitored on a permanent basis. One should assess not only the number of sales and conversion rate, but also the product margin given by such promotion channels.

Internet Marketing Advantages

The following should be pointed out within the large number of internet marketing advantages for business promotion:

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Targeting: advertising techniques are aimed only to the target audience;

Analytics: an advertising client sees the complete statistics of campaign efficiency;

An advertising client has all the information about their audience;

Broad coverage: one can show their advertising to all target users.

Brief information about large companies’ approaches to internet marketing:


All their advertising content is based on stories, photographs and videos of their users.

Jonson & Jonson

This Company created their own marketing agency to promote their brand on the internet.


They created a web site with the stories of pet owners. The coverage makes over 4 million target users.

Walt Disney Co

This Company spends about 2.5 billion USD per year only for search-engine advertising.


This Company’s social media accounts are used as thematic tourist communities.

Red Bull

They fund extreme sports and use video content in their social media.

Comparing the Online Marketing Techniques. SEO, SMM or Search-Engine Advertising

Three most wide-spread online marketing techniques differ greatly, from the point of view of realisation models and client attraction concepts. SEO promotion is aimed to provide a website with a client flow from search results.
Search-engine advertising and targeted social-media advertising help advertising clients to show their advertisements to their target audience, while SMM is based on brand marketing, content marketing and direct interaction with the audience.
The choice of online marketing techniques is very individual and should be based on:
  1. The analysis of audience’s preferences and behavioural factors,
  2. Promotion goals and specifics of the desired actions the advertising clients need,
  3. Level of competition and amount of the marketing budget.
Comparison criterion
Google AdWords
SMM (no advertising)
Express settings and quick launch
Quick results
After-campaign effects
Users’ trust
Suitability for any business
Audience targeting
High cost

This choice is certainly in no case categorical. You may and must combine promotion techniques for complex online marketing of your brand. You should also assess their efficiency from time to time.

Besides the above techniques, you can also use alternative marketing channels. The most important thing is to keep the concerted brand positioning strategy.

Brief Information about other Internet Marketing Techniques

Mailing campaigns can yield a very high conversion rate in the skilled hands. One has to carry on split tests of letter contents, design and structure on a continuous basis for this purpose, in order to target the selected audience with their mail-outs more precisely and to incline recipients to the desired actions.

SERM marketing techniques (Search Engine Reputation Management) are growing in popularity now. You can avoid the effects of negative comments or feedback by using several means: replying, explaining the situation, posting a disproof or even deleting this negative comment from a third-party website.

Then there’s viral marketing, which all marketing specialists like. You should never underestimate the power of entertaining content. Red Bull has built their brand promotion strategy on content marketing of video spots of extreme sports funded by their company.

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