The internet is based on content

Content Management

Any website, regardless of subject and format, needs content, videos, text, images, product cards, filling the forum, maintaining social network accounts, and other informational support.

A competent text will solve the problem of the visitor, with which he/she turned to the search engine, and this will improve the image of the resource before his/her eyes. A text with a lot of errors will urge the visitor to leave the page.

The same applies to other types of content. Images, videos and infographics organically complement the text, while also making the page pleasing before the reader's eyes.

Content is needed not only to the reader, but also to the search engine

Competent content management will greatly facilitate the task of website promotion

No matter how many efforts are made by the leading players in the market of search algorithms, such as Google, Yandex, Bing, MSN and Yahoo, the mechanisms of work of search algorithms still depend very much on keywords and thematic words. And the text containing the phrase ‘Content Manager Services’ will always be higher for such query than a page that does not have such a key. Everything has become even more complicated. Now you can go too far with search engine optimization of text, falling into the search engine filter for content SPAM. Everything is taken into account: the number of words, their order and a dozen more semantic indicators.

Content management is now more mathematics related than creativity. And not everyone can write high-quality text. Moreover, the text material should be accompanied by meta-information and properly designed subheadings and lists.

Images, videos, infographics and other graphic elements should also be accompanied by meta-data for search page ranking. All this, to reach a higher position in the search results, should be unique, or at least edited.

Behavioral factors and target actions

A position in the search results, although a very nice bonus, cannot be the ultimate goal of content management. It is important to understand that the content, first of all, should direct the customer to the action you need: making a purchase, ordering a service, subscribing, registering, etc. The text and the accompanying graphic elements should literally explain to the visitor in simple terms why he/she should become your customer.

For the convenience of the customer, it is important to consider even the volume and location of all elements of the website content. The text should be exactly of the same length to present the subject and not bore the reader at the same time. A unit with contacts or a feedback form located in the right place of the text will constantly challenge the customer to make impulse decisions about purchases, subscription or registration on the website.

Going back to the issue of interacting with search engines, it is important to note that modern ranking algorithms also take likes, reposts, the time spent on the website, failure rate, number of pages viewed and other behavioral factors into account. And content is the only way to satisfy the visitor’s needs and urge him/her to take the above actions.

Content management of online stores

Online stores also need text and graphic material. The complex content management of trading sites includes:

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Preparation of product cards or service description pages

Filling all structural pages and creating additional materials.

Content marketing and work on materials for social networks.

Writing articles/news/reviews for posting on third-party resources

Content marketing is a new trend in business promotion. And here are just a few examples of its implementation by well-known brands:


The website Puppyhood with content on pets has a million-strong audience showing to it Purina animal feed ads.


Over 70% of the website content is non-profit articles, tutorial videos, reviews of technologies, and entertainment content.

Louis Vuitton

They abandoned classic commercials in favor of beautiful and high-quality clips. And the brand name appears only at the end.


The company’s website is more like a technology hub with articles, video reviews and expert interviews, than just an online store.

Coca-Cola Journey

On Coca-Cola Journey website, one can find everything from recipes to large interviews with famous people.


They post user content on their social pages. Videos, stories, photos, everything connected to the brand.

Automatic content generation. Parsers and importers

Useful content can be created automatically. Parsers and importers are algorithms that select information according to specified parameters.
The source of information for parsers can be web pages, including third-party resources/social networks, catalogues, hosted databases, etc.
The essence of parsers is reduced to three simple points:
  1. The user independently sets information search parameters;
  2. The software automatically selects suitable data from sources;
  3. The content on the page individually varies from each visitor query.
Comparison criterion
Classic content management
Parsers and importers
Individual content for each user
Full search engine indexing
Unique content
High refresh rate per page
The need for constant work on content
Guaranteed lack of dangerous and offensive content

Algorithms can provide the visitor with the information he/she needs without constant work on the content. But they cannot provide a high position in search results. Only the title and permanent text are indexed.

The choice is not ultimate. If you need to develop a parser or an importer for automatic generation of content, this does not mean that its work cannot be combined with classical content management.

Professional content management or independent filling of the website with content?

Writing texts, at first glance, seems a simple work. And often, managers entrust this task to one of their employees. But this solution is less effective and much more expensive for several reasons.

There is no need to provide a third-party content manager with an equipped workplace and you will also save your time and the time of your employees, which can be spent on other tasks.

Not everyone can write a text that will look attractive for both the visitor and the search engine. For this reason, in addition to competence and the ability to express thoughts, it’s also good to understand the principles of SEO promotion.

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