The site is a binding attribute of a modern company

Website development

Bill Gates once said, if your company doesn't have a website, you don't have any business

Today, a website is not only a modern-day company business card, but also an effective marketing tool, a technical complement to the business and an efficient way of communicating with customers.

Potential customers and employees, partners, investors and the media, just as you, are using search engines. And if you're not on a given search engine, these potential people will move onto the competitor's website.

We bring business to the internet

Corporate website development

Corporate websites are designed to simultaneously tackle several key tasks. Firstly, to present the company to the users. Secondly, to publicly highlight the company’s main activities and competitive advantages. Thirdly, to organize the communication with customers and partners and to provide them with informational support. Fourth and foremost, corporate websites are an excellent platform for the interaction between employees, especially if labour resources are spread out.

A corporate website should not be built solely on the basis of company advertising. It is important to build a competent content strategy based on the portrait of the target audience. By publishing materials useful to the user, you will provide an incentive to visit your site constantly.

In addition, content marketing creates an established reputation for your brand. Corporate website - the face of the company. Naturally, it should not have any technical errors and its structure should be designed so that for the customer it would be convenient to carry out the target action.

Online stores

The online trading market is measured for a long time in billions of dollars. The online stores of many big brands have already exceeded their physical outlets. Moreover, the entry into the online trade market is not limited for anyone. By creating your own online store, you can organize a sales channel that is neither limited by the location of the audience, nor by time. The online store can be fully integrated into the company's accounting and management processes.

An online store - it's a complex system. To develop it, a detailed study of the company's business processes will be required. It is not enough to just display the goods and wait for calls. Before you can develop an online store, it's important to work out certain details.

It is important to think about the system that will be used for accepting payments, to systemize the logistics, to work with stocks, to set up a product positions update and to integrate the site with an internal and external accounting system.

Individual solutions for large projects

The site can implement unique business solutions. Large web projects are needed by companies that need:

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To place and process large quantities of information

An interactive site format with a unique user functionality

The development of a single design and technical solutions

Synchronization of data with third party resources and services

Some examples of large web projects that we have implemented:


A multilingual service combining in itself the functions of a catalogue of companies and message boards.


Within our website, we have fully automated the work of news agency staff.


Fitness Contest, developed as a mix of a social network, online games and an online store.


The user's search for car parts is implemented through the integration with three external services.

Very Important Lot

An auction house website with the possibility of accepting online bids and an update system of lots.


A Swiss delivery service for food from restaurants. Automatic calculation of delivery parameters.

Development on CMS or framework?

Many people wrongfully believe that on the basis of the CMS, only a personal blog can be created. But in fact, experienced developers can do almost anything.
Framework development is limited by nothing except customer imagination and developer ability. This method is suitable for large projects, with unique design and functions.
Finally, the selection between a CMS and a framework is reduced to three simple points.
  1. The budget allotted for development;
  2. The time limit for launching the project;
  3. Needs for the implementation of single functional solutions.
Comparison criterion
Reduced cost
Restricted terms of development
Individual technical execution of the website
Development of a single design and structure
Complete setup flexibility
Individual setup of the administrator’s panel
High performance

Development on a Content Management System is better for simple-type websites. Adjusting the template design to customer requirements will save on time and budget.

But if you need a complex or unique site, or if you intend on expanding resource functionality in the future, then you have no choice than the framework type.

Synchronizing the website with the company’s business processes

The website can and must be integrated into the business processes of the company. Integration with CRM will enable you to merge online and offline sales statistics, as well as to create a unique customer base.

Synchronizing the site and accounting systems will automate the accounting records. This is particularly relevant for online stores, which via 1C can also update warehouse data.

The website may also interact with third sources. By analyzing information and synchronizing data with third-party services, you can provide the customer with useful functionalities.

Why further resource support is important?

Site development - it's half a job. Any resource needs further technical and information support, ordinary sites need content, online shops product cards. The lack of work on the website will negatively affect the results of its search.

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