Food menu for the whole family

Family Menu

Category Large web projects
Country France
Technologies PHP Framework Yii2
Deadline 3 months

A French service, helping families and individuals organize their nutrition. Users are offered an absolute customized diet according to the individual’s parameters and needs, as well as to the products of the season.

Maria Gurcova Client
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I want to share our wonderful experience of work with the company Meta. We decided in 2016 to open our own company for fitness games. When I called Anton (Managing Partner), then we had discussed the project in detail, he listened to every necessary thing, gave constructive advice, and within two or three days we had already an estimate for the entire project with very nice prices in comparison with other companies.

All the work was delivered perfectly in time. As we are in France, our negotiations were conducted on Skype, and there were no difficulties in the work at a distance. When any bugs or errors got out, at any time of the day, we got in touch with Olga, our project manager, and she always answered immediately and the problem was solved. We are very satisfied with the work performed by you, and we want to thank you for your hard work and professionalism.


External services authorization Besides the standard e-mail and password authorization method, you can authenticate to the service using external services such as Facebook, google and apple.
Interactive shopping list All ingredients for any week of nutrition may be formed in a general shopping list of ingredients divided into categories and with the possibility to mark any of them as purchased.
Referral programme The service has the ability to invite new users. A referral receives a reduction upon registration, while the user inviting him receives points that can be spent on the service platform.
Notifications The service offers the possibility to send notification messages simultaneously to all users - this makes it very easy to communicate between the service administration and users.
Recipe base On a separate page of the service, there is displayed the entire recipe base with the possibility of filtration by different parameters, sorting and searching for recipes interesting you.
Selected recipes Any recipe on the service can be marked as selected, in which case all such recipes will be displayed to the user on a separate page with the possibility of their sorting.


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Individual menu

Using the algorithms embedded in the service, a customized user menu shall be calculated according to his or her parameters and preferences, taking into account the seasonality for selecting the recipes in which seasonal ingredients are used. Such a menu shall also take into account personal intolerances, allergies and other user characteristics to fully meet his or her expectations. If a user does not like a recipe, it can be replaced at any time with a “synonym” that is completely similar in performance to the previous recipe. If the user has a family, all its members can be added to the service and in this case an individual menu will no longer be created, but a family menu.

The team:
Chiril T. Designer
Artiom V. Art Director
Chiril T. Template Designer
Mihail Z. Programmer
Constantin K. Tester
Mark A. Project Manager
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