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Deadline 6 months is the site of the Terramed clinic, which provides medical and diagnostic services. The website pages provide information on different medical fields, that are in practice in the clinic and also allows for appointment to be scheduled with the specialist. The website interface is made in Russian and Romanian languages.

This site was developed by another company and META specialists provide its monthly technical support. In addition to various improvements and additions, we have implemented a set of optimization works, which resulted in a better website index linking by search engines.

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Our website is supported by the company "Meta-Sistem" for more than six months.

A large amount of work is performed every month.
During this time, we managed to fix a lot of errors that were present on the site before, and implement many new ideas.

One of our consultants is always in touch and always ready to consult and answer any questions.

We are very satisfied with the quality of the services provided by the company.
Thank you for your professionalism, and responsible attitude towards your work!


Error сorrection The problem in synchronizing the doctor’s appointment form with the 1C program has been fixed. The vulnerabilities that affect the website security have been eliminated.
Share "Share" feature is connected, where website visitors canon social networksshare links from the selected pages.


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Completed the full redesign of the site

META specialists have performed work on the redesign of the several pages of the website. The pages "Home", "Blog", "Our Doctors" and "Contacts" have been changed qualitatively. The sections "Dietetics", "Psychology and Speech therapy", "Orthopedics", "Diagnostics and pediatrics" were subject to cardinal changes. The images were processed and replaced, the website content was structured. Additional information is displayed only after clicking on the corresponding blocks.

The contacts page has been supplemented with some innovations that contribute to the improvement of feedback. Clicking on the e-mail will create a new letter in the mail program, where the email address of the clinic is automatically placed on the recipient’s line. When navigating from mobile devices, clicking on any of these phones results in automatic dialing of the selected number.

The team:
Kirill T. Designer - page maker
Vladimir R. Programmer
Natalia D. Web-consultant
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