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Country Switzerland
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Deadline 2 months is a web site of the Company dealing with arrangement of game events for children and adults in Switzerland. In this project, the Company proposes you to immerse yourselves in the atmosphere of frightful but twisted adventures.

The main task in the course of web site development was to create a stylish but simple and comprehensible appearance. The design focuses users’ attention on project peculiarities and meanwhile shows its advantages, if compared to competitive web sites. This web site is developed in dark tones, thus contributing to rise of required emotions and feelings in users. Animated elements delicately emphasise the game trends of the Company.

George Client
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We have been looking for someone who can help us to create the web-site. We have decided to use "Meta" services and our expectations have been fully met. The web-site meets our requirements for design and functionality.
We particularly want to highlight the design.

"Meta" employees have completely understood our vision and have done what we originally intended. A good interaction with the customer and fast feedback. The price/quality ratio is beyond praise.
We look forward to further cooperation!


Time counter The time counting option, to count the time spent by clients in the game room, is realised in the administrator bar.
Booking calendar Users book game cells for any time within 7 coming weeks.
Discount codes and certificates There is realised an option of creating discount codes and certificates to be used in the course of booking.
Booking cost calculation Booking cost depends on the number of players,discount codes and certificates and is calculated without a need for page reloading.
Booking confirmation A user confirms booking by entering the code received by e-mail.
Selection and export to Excel The administrator bar has such an option as selecting and exporting the information from the booking table cells.


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Automating the booking process

The task we were set was to automate the booking process to the maximum. That would allow a customer to save time when receiving orders, and to pay more attention to creation of interesting aspects in the game itself. As a result, it was decided to develop a personal booking calendar, with the help of which a user would be able not only to book game time but also to find out the cost thereof.

The web site administrator has full information about user that booked a game. There is also an option of controlling the changes and deletion of such information and, as well, the booking process as a whole, to the fullest extent. When an order is made online, the administrator can realise any manipulations with the booking calendar right from the administrator bar.

The team:
Kirill T. Designer
Boris M. Page Maker
Vladimir R. Programmer
Mark A. Web-consultant
Irina R. Project Manager
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