Smartphone users are half of the internet audience

Mobile version of the site

According to the Pew Research Center, about 59% of people in the world already have smartphones. This is a huge solvent audience of users, to whom you can offer your product or service.

Moreover, according to comScore, in 2018 the share of mobile traffic in the total audience of the internet resources amounted to 48.2%, and by 2020, according to the forecasts of the same agency, it is expected to exceed 50%.

The share of mobile traffic for each website varies, but by refusing to create a mobile version of the website, you simply assign a tangible part of your target audience to your competitor.

Why is the mobile version of the website a must?

It's not only about convenience, but also about search ranking.

Yandex, Google, Bing and many other search engines have long switched to Mobile-first ranking. Websites that have a version adapted for mobile devices will always have a higher position in search results, than a resource focused only on PC expansion. The loss of traffic from organic search means that you will acquire new customers from advertising only, direct visits and external links. You will have to work only with regular customers and pay for new ones.

The type of user device is determined each time the server is accessed. And if the user logs in from a smartphone or a tablet, s/he will either be automatically redirected to the sub-domain of the mobile version or will see an adaptive coding of the main website.

The interface of mobile versions should not only be organically displayed on the smartphone screen, but also adapted for touch screens. Small elements that are difficult to reach with your finger should be avoided. Their location is considered at the design stage.

Mobile version of the web site or adaptive coding?

Difference between these two concepts should be made from the very beginning. The mobile version is a separate resource, which given its structure, functionality and content will be different from the main version of the website. The adaptive web design, in turn, completely duplicates the main resource, adjusting to the screen resolution.

The mobile version is developed, edited and promoted separately from the main website, which increases the cost of its support. But at the same time, it allows speeding up the loading by eliminating the unnecessary functionality and information that are removed at the code level. Moreover, you can add new features and possibilities.

Adaptive web design is an integral part of the website. It costs the customer less, but it is not as user-friendly, since absolutely everything from the main website is duplicated. The loading speed is much slower due to the complete duplication of the code of the main website.

What other advantages does the mobile version provide?

Here are a few more advantages of developing a separate mobile version of the website:

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Optimization of the resource for the needs of mobile users.

Choice. The user can always switch to the version of the website for the PC.

Loading on smartphones speeds up due to optimized pages.

Mobile versions are better indexed by search engines.

Here are some results of the development of the mobile version for large companies:


After the launch of the mobile version, conversion increased by 50%, sales - by 100%, average bill - by 8%


70% of the traffic is views from mobile devices


18% of all online orders comes from the mobile version of the website.


The mobile traffic has increased by 24% and exceeded the visits of the desktop website.


After the launch of the mobile version, conversion has increased by 44%, sales - by 53%.


In 2018, the largest percentage of profits came from mobile device users.

Mobile version of the website or application?

The mobile version, unlike the application, is indexed by search engines, and is also accessible through external links, which ensures constant traffic for unique visitors.
Moreover, the mobile version is available in browser, meaning it does not need to be downloaded and installed on the smartphone, which is the main problem of mobile applications.
What are the main advantages of the mobile version of the website compared to applications?
  1. The cost of attracting traffic with the mobile version is much cheaper.
  2. The mobile version of the website does not need to be uploaded to the catalogue shop (Play Market/App Store).
  3. It does not require loading and space on the user's device.
Comparison criterion
Mobile version of the website
Ease of use from the smartphone
Search engine indexing
High loading speed
Possibility to work offline
Integration with other applications on the smartphone
Possibility to access links from social networks
Low cost
Short development terms

There is also an intermediate link between the application and the mobile version - PWA (Progressive Web Apps). This is an alternative mobile web design with some application functions (integration with third-party applications, the possibility to work offline, and much more).

But this is still the same mobile version of the website, with all its advantages in the form of search indexing and access via external links. We also develop PWA. Find out more about the product on the corresponding page of our website.

How do we develop mobile versions of websites?

We think through the design and structure of the future website removing everything unnecessary and making it as user-friendly as possible. We always adhere to the unique style with the main version of the website.

We integrate the mobile web design into the content management system. We work with the AMP technology, which can significantly speed up the loading a website page, which search algorithms like very much.

Before the delivery of the project, we thoroughly test the website with different screen resolutions, different browsers and different OSs. We guarantee the proper operation of the mobile version for logging in from tested devices.

Terms and cost of mobile website development

Each project is individual. Depending on the amount of work that needs to be done for development, the price and terms will also be individual. On average, the cost of a mobile version is 50-60% of the cost of developing a desktop version of a website. Find out how much the mobile version of your website will cost. You can do this by indicating your phone number in the feedback form.

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