Furniture designer:

The designers of a furniture company know how difficult it is to work with customers. People order kitchens, cabinets, hallways for house or office - and set strict requirements for materials, dimensions, palette, supplies. They see a certain picture in their mind, and even small differences with real products can cause a negative reaction. Sometimes the desired shade and texture are not available in the warehouse. It is not always possible to handle the supplied volumes. Competition in this area is also fierce. How can you simplify the process for specialists and make sure the customer is satisfied - and can boldly recommend the services of your studio to his or her relatives and friends, colleagues and neighbors?

We are offering online furniture designers, which will enable you to develop an individual design. The service includes all parameters - basic and additional. The program shall take into account the size, materials, color, variety of supply. Items are created in the smallest detail - thanks to a precise control panel. Such programs are suitable both for enterprises and private designers.

It will be possible to calculate accurately all sizes and evaluate how the idea will look. The first-class solution view is available in a room with set planning - photorealistic images (with shadows, sunlight) and video for viewing and presenting the product to the customer. There is software for the mass launch of products and the calculation of data needed to produce any kind of furniture. The software is developed with a finished product catalogue, a 3D item library. On this basis, it is possible to create new projects.

The drawing module will help you track component consumption and optimize the sketches so you don't have too many surpluses (business production design). The expert will be able to see possible errors in advance and prevent them in the design phase.

What is convenient is that only those products that are in stock are displayed. You will not have to disappoint your customer with excuses at the last moment that this or other item is missing - and do not waste time replacing.

The designer provides also the design process for the developed project, has tools for making estimates, calculations. This allows you to create solutions within the agreed budget limit, collect a package of sales documents classified in sections. There are options for calculating the cost of raising to the floor, delivery. All this simplifies the business tasks of a company producing furniture - financial records become transparent for management.

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