e-Commerce is no longer the future, but the present


No one needs explanations on what online stores are. According to eMarket, almost 19% of all retail purchases in the world are made online.

The online retail market in 2019 has already exceeded $ 4 trillion. Online sales of even a small company can be international in nature, which means you can compete for the entire volume of demand in your segment.

Moreover, according to Twenga Solutions, only 29% of medium and large retailers use the Internet as a sales channel. There is much less competition on the online market, which means that the chance to expand the customer audience is much higher.

Product catalogue and setting payment methods

Organization of the main aspects for any store.

The range of commodity items is the basis of any store, and it is necessary to think about uploading it to the website. Information on the product range can be entered either manually or uploaded from the database or accounting system of the company.

The latter option (export from accounting systems or CRM) is better, because it enables synchronizing both the composition of the product range and stocks for each item, notifying the buyer about the availability of products.

Online payment for products through banking services is configured according to the technical documentation of the bank. Online settlement systems and payment aggregators also have their own requirements and connection methodology.

Delivery price, personal accounts and website structure

Automatic calculation of delivery price can be carried out based on different variables: product weight, price (information is taken from the catalogue), delivery location (integration with Google Maps) and many other source data. Source information can be automatically synchronized with internal sources and with data from third-party suppliers.

To interact with suppliers and partners, a separate personal account and synchronization between settlement systems can be arranged. The personal account of the buyer can include modules of the wish list, basket, balance of funds, etc.

It is important to carefully consider the structure of sections, so that any product is convenient to find. Develop filters by category, which for each section can be separate. And units with offers of similar or complementary products can significantly increase conversion.

Advantages of creating an online store for business

The main advantages of creating an online store for business expansion include, first of all:

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Ability to automate sales.

Detailed sales analytics for each product.

Ability to easily expand sales geography.

Round-the-clock work and acceptance of orders

Some examples of the incredible results of work of online stores:


The trading platform has made its owner Jeff Bezos the richest man in the world.


In 2019, the turnover on the trading platform reached an incredible figure: an average of 1,400 Euros per second


The company organized a whole chain of online stores around the world on the basis of franchising.


6pm - Zappos stock store. Its turnover is 130 times higher than that of the main brand.


GAP affordable clothing store gathers an audience of 6.2 million people per day.

Pizza Hut

Their first online store was created in 1994, which made the name of the international brand.

Online store or classic trade?

We have already said that using the company's online store makes it much easier to expand the customer audience and geography of sales.
But this is not the only advantage of e-commerce over classic sales. Let's take a little deeper look at the difference between the two sales channels.
First of all, it is important to note that online stores are much more profitable, because they reduce:
  1. Rental and maintenance costs;
  2. Salary costs for employees;
  3. Related costs (storage, security services, etc.)
Comparison criterion
Online store
Physical POS
High speed of creation and start of work
Limited audience
Low market entry cost
Unlimited range of products
Full automation
Detailed sales analytics
Unlimited sales geography
Instant receipt of goods
Possibility to view all products

Naturally, the most effective approach will be using the online store as an additional sales channel to the main point of sale.

e-Commerce is not effective for all categories of products. There are groups of goods that in the foreseeable future will not get in the Internet space (food, medicine, etc.)

Search promotion of online store

The rental price of a room in a shopping centre directly correlates to the daily flow of customers in it. In e-commerce, things are different. Having a position in the top 10 search results, you will provide your store with constant traffic of interested customers at no extra costs.

The competition for a position in the first page of search results is very high. To get there, you will need a detailed SEO development of the website. Even an experienced specialist will need time for this, not to mention independent promotion, which usually leads only to loss of time and budget.

In the meantime, your online store has not yet reached the top search results, you can provide traffic of visitors using contextual advertising. And unlike classic advertising, it is shown only to the target audience, and the interested user goes directly to the store.

Cost and timing of development of an online store

Each online store created by us is individual, like the prices/terms of its development. We fully integrate the future store with all the business processes of the company, guarantee its proper work, and can also provide further support. Contact our managers using the feedback form, and we will draw up a detailed development plan for your online store.

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