New life for old websites

Website revision

Any website gets obsolete, and unless timely modifications are made, it becomes uncompetitive.

By having a revised design, adding new features for users, and updating content, you can significantly improve the conversion of your website, and, accordingly, significantly increase the company's profits.

Often, it’s the inconvenient structure of the resource, the lack of adaptation for smartphone screens and outdated information that make a potential customer close your website’s tab and find an alternative.

Modernization must be comprehensive

First of all, who needs website revision?

Full revision of the website functionality and design will be needed to rebrand companies. And companies expanding the list of activities or entering new product/service outlets need to increase the number of sections of the website, revise features and translate the content into additional languages.

Outdated design and functionality of the website, numerous errors, slow loading speed, insufficient/outdated content and the lack of a mobile version, will lead not only to an outflow of the audience, but also to a drawdown in the search results.

Along with the removal of existing shortcomings and optimization of the website, you can entrust web studios with further technical and informational support of the project, thus removing the need for major redesigning of the website in the future.

What is included in the range of services of website revision?

When revising the website, we are talking about the full or partial redesign, updating and creating new content, including graphic, detailed revision of the website structure, as well as removal of technical errors and introduction of new features. The scope of works for modernizing the corporate website will individually change depending on the project objectives.

The set of actions for the revision of the web resource may include integration with third-party modules, including with 1C products to organize a holistic business structure.

If necessary, the website can be fully translated into additional languages, the domain name, the hosting or the CMS can be replaced, and SEO optimization of the resource may also be carried out.

Website performance indicators need to be worked on constantly

Here are 4 parts of the website, regular modernization of which will lead to improved targeted results:

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Leading global brands regularly work on the modernization of their websites:


Since its establishment, Apple's corporate website has changed over 150 times;


Each of the nine social network redesigns was accompanied by an increase in their audience 1.3 - 1.6 times


For 8 years, having a website consisting only of menus, the online store became one of the most technologically advanced in the world.


Almost all technological innovations in the field of e-commerce appeared first on Amazon;


5 years ago, the website of the largest sports resource was indistinguishable from a regular news portal;


The division of space into wholesale and retail, and the new design made Alibaba the leader in the daily turnover of products.

Freelancers or web studio?

You are not reading this page by accident. Either you are not satisfied with the quality of services of a previous studio, or your employees are not fully competent in this matter.
In an effort to save money, many entrepreneurs turn to freelancers for help in revising corporate sites, believing that the quality of services will not be affected.
And surely, specialists from ‘home offices’ offer a much more attractive price, but equally:
  1. They cannot provide the same speed of project implementation;
  2. One person cannot equally well understand all web development aspects;
  3. Your cooperation is not legally supported.
Comparison criterion
Web studio
High risk of getting on an incompetent specialist
Legal guarantees in case of breach of contract by the contractor
Low cost
Guaranteed quality and timely execution of works
Comprehensive and versatile work on the website
Legal support of cooperation

Freelancer = contractor. He/she needs a clear technical assignment. At the same time, a professional web studio, provides the customer with a service, which, among other things, includes an independent work plan.

In general, the price in both cases corresponds to quality. But if you need a detailed modernization of the website, and its subsequent maintenance, it is better to consider a long-term cooperation with a team of specialists, rather than a one-time cooperation with a freelancer.

What to pay attention to when revising the website?

The follow-up revision of the website may be limited by the capabilities of the development environment. The unique design, functionality and structure of websites made with templates on popular CMSs (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.) are almost impossible.

When making changes to a website developed by a third-party contractor, the risk of causing even more errors is high. That is why many web studios refuse to maintain and revise websites developed by other contractors.

Modifications do not always lead to positive results. Preliminary split testing of the introduced modifications should not be neglected. You should not forget about the regular backup of the resource.

Rid yourself of the need to radically redo the website later

After a complete modernization of the website, we can provide its constant technical and information support, while constantly updating the content and promptly making all technical changes. The website will always be relevant, and will no longer require major modifications. Learn more about the terms of cooperation by leaving a phone number in the feedback form or by calling at +373 799 52 528.

We are a professional team and we know how to make your site better.
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