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A/B Testing

A/B testing is an effective marketing tool to improve sales and profitability of a business.

A/B testing makes it possible to enhance the website performance, select optimal headings for ads and improve positions in the search results.

This is also called split testing. It allows for the continuous improvement of website pages as well as the indicators of behavioral factors of visitors.

Why is A/B testing necessary?

The A/B test helps to verify the effectiveness of changes made.

To study any changes, a new version of the page is created and the old one is saved, both versions have different URLs. The tests are carried out by uniformly splitting the audience, and the result is checked only a few weeks after the beginning of the experiment. The test is carried out constantly to improve behavioral factors. Suppose you have a project that is already running, it attracts traffic, the resource is used by a large number of users. And at some point, you want to make a change. It can be, for example, a pop-up widget so that visitors can conveniently subscribe to news. You think that this might work, but users may have a different opinion.

The idea of split testing is simple, it comes down to choosing the most effective option. Website visitors are randomly split into segments. Some users see everything without changes, while the others can use the updated version of the resource. The specialist evaluates the effect.

The most commonly tested elements are the appearance of the active buttons, their location and text, the size and appearance of the buttons/feedback forms, the design and layout, the calls for action, the amount of text materials on a particular page, the product descriptions.

What is the principle of split testing?

Statistical significance is achieved, provided that only the influence of any external factors during the tests is reduced. Such factors can include the day of the week, the seasonality or the advertising campaign. All measurements are carried out over the same time frames. Internal factors, i.e. the work of the website administrator, the support service or the call center, will be excluded. Google Analytics allows using filters to minimize the impact of factors.

A/B testing can also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and external links. Leaving only the most effective ads can optimize the advertising budget.

The A/B testing implies that the project has indicators to be improved. If there are not yet such indicators, then it's time to think about finding them through a full audit of the website.

A/B testing to increase conversion

Several other important advantages of split testing should be noted:

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Optimization of the content, structure and usability of the website.

Monitoring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and external links.

Increased frequency of targeted actions by users

Correct selection of elements and their location.

Here are examples of the successful use of the A/B testing:

Not a single element of a website changes without studying analytics and testing hypotheses with the A/B testing

Pegasus Airlines

Due to the A/B test the company increased sales of packages that allow changing tickets repeatedly, by 22%;


The company increased the number of clicks in the letter by 325% using the design testing.


Due to the A/B testing of product images, revenues increased by 40%.


A/B tests of target pages increased sign-ups by 457%.

Fitness World

Using the A/B test of headlines, the company increased their conversion by 38%.

Why preliminary testing cannot be ignored:

Making edits without first checking their effectiveness may worsen conversion and other behavioral factors of your audience.
Moreover, changing pages without good reason will result in re-indexing of the page by the search engine, which may negatively affect the search results.
The A/B testing should take into account three important rules:
  1. The number of people involved in the experiments should be equal.
  2. Elements with minimal changes should be compared.
  3. Only specific results should be compared.
Comparison criterion
Making changes through split testing
Making changes directly on the website
Only correct adjustments are made.
Changes are made without significant damage to the current conversion.
The reasons for the change in statistical indicators are precisely known.
All errors are eliminated before final adjustments are made.
The influence of external factors is excluded.
Each change will have a positive effect on the target indicators.

Correctly interpreting the obtained results without proper experience is also quite difficult. It is very important to analyze all the obtained results comprehensively.

There are a lot of services to carry out the A/B testing without assistance, but only an experienced specialist can conduct high-quality tests and get reliable data.

What are we able to offer to customers?

Before conducting the A/B testing, a set of proposals should be prepared to improve the website. An experienced specialist can discard unsuccessful edits without any test, saving time.

We have conducted hundreds of tests and know for sure which changes should be checked and which should be excluded immediately. Using the tests, we will precisely determine the set of the most effective actions and are be confident in the chosen decisions.

We will conduct the A/B testing of advertising campaigns and external traffic sources leaving only the most effective ones. This will optimize the advertising costs, ensuring the best effect.

Full reporting and detailed analysis of test results

Naturally, all tests are accompanied by regular reporting. You get information online, rather than waiting for the final report. Based on the data obtained, a subsequent resource optimization strategy is prepared. Get a free expert consultation by leaving your phone number in the form below this offer.

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