Accounting systems:

The modern business model requires maintenance of activity records to form a strategy in the management of the organization. The accounting system collects, records and processes data on the basis of which business development decisions are made. Such a management system shall allow multi-functional records to be kept in a single information space. This is why there is a timely reflection of the company’s current state. The architecture of the accounting system consists of many modules, which are responsible for individual functions. And, depending on the company’s structure, you can select modules that provide only the functions necessary for doing business.

In order to select modules with a given set of functions, it is necessary to decide which tasks the accounting system should cope with in order to extract the necessary information from the management staff quickly and in a timely manner. What can an accounting system do?

  • keeping the accounts and forming the undertaking’s balance sheet in monetary terms;
  • records of procurement activities and organization of stock records (remains, availability of goods);
  • records of goods in the retail trade;
  • maintenance of inventory cards (accounting of non-current assets);
  • staff work: records of employees, medical leaves, payment of rest leaves, staffing tables,
  • calculation of part-time and performance-related salaries. Preparing a report to the Tax Service;
  • calculation of amortization;
  • ensuring manager-customer interaction (work with CRM system).

The accounting system can cover virtually all areas of activity and creates a mechanism for managing the company’s business processes. And if the scope of internal accounting for an organization usually shows the same, then for the formation of a business strategy for the purposes of company development, depending on the type of business carried out, it is necessary to maintain the management accounting. The integration of the two configurations allows you a more efficient record keeping.

The organization of business processes varies from company to company, and therefore the ability to change the basic functionalities of the accounting system is needed. This is done because of an embedded programming language describing atypical solutions. Modern management systems are characterized by the ability to create additional functions using embedded setting tools.

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