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Category Large web projects
Country France
Technologies PHP Framework Yii2
Deadline 3 months

LaSeche is the most unusual META project. LaSeche is a combination of fitness contest, social network and an online store. The target audience of the site is people who want to lose weight and pump muscles, but who lack motivation.

Participants of the contest pay for registration and receive assignments –which is dozens of physical exercises. They publish videos of their exercises in the personal account, and the site administrators check the quality of execution. After 28 days the participants publish photos of their body before and after participation in the contest. Winners are determined by voting, and receive prizes from the owner of the site.

In just 12 weeks we have developed and launched this project, including a reliable video upload system and a really convenient administration panel.

Maria Gurcova Client
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I want to share our wonderful experience of work with the company Meta. We decided in 2016 to open our own company for fitness games. When I called Anton (Managing Partner), then we had discussed the project in detail, he listened to every necessary thing, gave constructive advice, and within two or three days we had already an estimate for the entire project with very nice prices in comparison with other companies.

All the work was delivered perfectly in time. As we are in France, our negotiations were conducted on Skype, and there were no difficulties in the work at a distance. When any bugs or errors got out, at any time of the day, we got in touch with Mark, our project manager, and he always answered immediately and the problem was solved. We are very satisfied with the work performed by you, and we want to thank you for your hard work and professionalism.


Visualization Participants receive assignments in the form of images or videos. An administrator can quickly add new tasks or change the conditions for participation.
Voting system Winners of the contest are determined by means of the built-in voting system.
Online payment Users pay for participation by using credit cards or PayPal.
Photo editing Participants upload photos and make collages to participate in, voting by themselves.
Social network Participants of the contest communicate in person, or in general chat rooms. They see a personal message box, create new chats and spend a lot of time on the site.
Subscribers base Mail addresses are included in the database that the system uses for notifications and sending marketing messages.


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We have built a reliable system for downloading video content with unstable Internet

Participants of the contest should publish the reports on performed exercises. Videos are shot on mobile devices, the size often exceeds 100 MB. With an unstable 4g connection or WiFi, the download stops and the participant is forced to start the process from the very beginning.

Such problems can scare off the participants of the contest and affect the sales of the site. META programmers have considered this problem at the design stage. System stores partially uploaded videos. When the connection is restored, the server does not start downloading from the very beginning, but loads only the missing part. That's why even users with an unstable internet connection successfully upload videos from the first attempt.

The team:
Kirill T. Designer - page maker
Artem P. Page Maker
Mihail Z. Programmer
Constantin K. Tester
Mark A. Project Manager
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