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Large web projects

In today’s time, it’s not enough to just create a standard corporate business card website and fill it with content, but it is important to offer the customer more than what the competitor offers.

Large web projects are not just information about the company; they are complete systems of interaction with customers, and integrated into the business processes of companies.

In online marketing, like in business, you always need to be one step ahead of the competitor. Only the unique features and structure of the website will enable you to attract the entire target audience.

Improving the image before the eyes of the user

Uniqueness will always attract more attention than conventionality.

Judge for yourself, which food delivery service you will use: the one that only sets up the menu and accepts orders by phone, or the one that calculates the price according to your geolocation, automatically accepts the order and provide a tracker to monitor the delivery status?

Almost every advantage of the usability of the resource can become a key factor in the competition for the attention of the visitor. Do not forget about the image of the company, which will only gain from a detailed website with unique features.

Moreover, non-standard solutions on the website can be an excellent occasion for natural advertising. The features that first appear on your website are great subjects for discussion. Users themselves will willingly advertise it to friends.

A large web project as a support for your business

A large corporate website with individual content and structure provides a whole list of advantages not only for the user, but also for the business. The website can be integrated with CRM, 1C services, third-party resources and external databases to simplify accounting, manage operations and interact with third parties.

Moreover, a corporate website can provide acceptance of online payments and automatic settlement with partners. A separate personal account can be created for dealers with the possibility of placing orders directly in the accounting system by prices, which differs from the main ones.

A well-thought-out system of interaction with customers will also allow you to increase sales performance. Chats with consultants, feedback forms, automatic collection and export of data are excellent tools to attract and retain the audience.

For whom is the development of a large web service quite necessary?

Not every company needs large projects. Classic business card websites will definitely not work if:

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A large amount of information is required;

Implementation of customized design or features is needed;

You need an interactive website format with extensive functionality for the customer;

Interaction with third-party resources and their functionality is needed.

Here are some examples of large projects from our portfolio:


A multilingual service that combines the features of a corporate catalogue and of a bulletin board.


We have fully automated the work of all participants in the news agency system.


Fitness competition made in the form of a mix from a social network, online games and online store.

Very Important Lot

Auction house site with the possibility to accept bids online and with a lot updating system.


A service with a detailed search for products in online stores and a possibility to compare them by characteristics.


An online store of video surveillance systems with a personal account for buyers and dealers.

Website development using CMSs or frameworks?

CMS (content management systems) are services that enable developing simple websites using typical templates, adding the necessary features and modules.
Frameworks are development environments that enable completely building a website at code level, which makes development possibilities almost unlimited.
As a whole, the choice of the optimal solution for developing a corporate website comes down to three key factors:
  1. Budget for the development of a corporate website;
  2. Needs for individual technical solutions;
  3. Required deadlines for resource launching.
Comparison criterion
Low cost
Short deadlines for development
Individual technical performance of the website
Development of a unique design and structure
Total setting flexibility
Customization of the admin panel
High performance

The complete freedom of actions provided by the framework is a prerequisite for creating large projects and individual solutions.

Moreover, if you plan to further revise the website and add new features, it is better to immediately build it in the framework.

Features of the development of large projects

Individual solutions for corporate websites proceed from a complete analysis of the project objectives and needs. When developing such websites, it is important to understand the specifics of the company, while integrating work processes into the project as much as possible.

Everything needs to be taken into account: interaction with accounting systems, a model of interaction between employees and the website, payment methods for customers and structure for processing subsequent settlements, filling the website, and much more.

It is very important to think about the future mobile version of the website in such a way that all features put in place are available in it, but without the loss of loading speed and usability for the mobile audience.

Cost of developing and supporting a large project

Individual pricing for individual project. You will know the exact cost, terms and order of work even before the actual beginning of development. Find out the cost of creating and further support of your web resource by leaving your phone number in the feedback form or by calling at +373 799 52 528

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