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Social Media

58% people in the world use social media every day. A person spends 83 minutes per day using social media, on average.

All those people are your potential buyers/customers, who can become your loyal clients with the help of masterly promotion of your corporate page in social media.

A corporate page will increase brand awareness within potential buyers and will form the required image of your company, even without direct sales or transitions to your web page.

SMM is not just posting, this is a complex work.

Components of Company SMM

Content is certainly the most important component of success of a corporate page in social media. We aren’t speaking namely about commercial content. Entertaining and viral content became one of the main techniques of leading brands’ promotion long ago.

Besides content, it is also important to develop a strategy for subscribers’ attraction, to analyse rivals’ actions, to organise communication with the audience and to use all other options of this service.

The promotion strategy should be analysed and updated on an ongoing basis in order to ensure the post reaches a certain level, and what is more, to increase the company’s sales figures.

Targeted Social Media Advertising

Another social media factor that is important for business, is internal advertising infrastructure. Targeted advertising shown to the audience in conformity with the parameters set by the advertising client may become an excellent, exacter alternative to the search advertising services.

SMM advertising is cheaper and will also bring subscribers to your corporate page, besides desired actions (i.e. order placement, website signing-up and so on). Advertisements in the user’s feed look as a usual post and have more credibility.

However, the social media advertising potential is not limited only by paid-for promotion of your posts. You can also co-operate with bloggers and opinion leaders. A post placed on a popular page, even if it is not advertising, will draw the attention of the audience of the blogger they trust, to your brand.

What business does SMM suits the best?

SMM does not suit any and all businesses. It is not suitable for offline business and B2B sector, however, it is perfect for marketing of:

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Services and Software

The most important SMM issue is clear positioning of brands and products as well as content aiming to the desired audience. Here are some examples of masterly SMM strategies from large brands:


They put an accent on video content and vines. Snack Hacks are well-known vines telling about ways of Oreo cookies eating.

Red Bull

This company provides itself with high-quality and unique social media content by sponsoring the extreme sports.


They are aimed at user content. The company’s clients willingly tell about their smart homes all by themselves.


The company’s account is rather a tourist hub. Here is minimum advertising and maximum discussions, advice and routes.


This is an example of how viral and popular content may be made of such unpleasant things as tax payment.


This Company sells fruit not via advertising or promotions but via high-quality video recipes in social media.

SMM Comparison with Other Kinds of Online Brand Promotion

An SMM peculiarity is its interactivity. One can get across their clients and understand their needs and problems by using a corporate account in social media.
Users perceive brand mentioning in social media more organically than classical advertising. A beautiful issue-related post will be accepted by readers and will not cause a desire to scroll past it as soon as possible.
The following specifics of a social media audience will be considered:
  1. The audience wants entertaining content,
  2. Useful posts, which one wants to share, have a viral potential too,
  3. Graphical content has more value than text one.
Comparison criterion
Search-engine advertising
Express settings and quick launch
Quick results
After-campaign effects
Users’ credibility
Suitability for any business
Audience targeting
High cost

A better effect will be achieved only if one combines all marketing channels. However, one should consider the business specificity and target audience when setting the priorities.

The same marketing message and company positioning should be kept to, when combing different techniques, thus forming the company’s image and reputation.

Specifics of SMM Content Drafting

A key to SMM success is ongoing analysis and monitoring. Not only the audience and rivals should be analysed but also relevant trends and mechanisms of social marketing. Social media changes quicker than any other advertising channel, so, there must always be something new added to keep the audience.

The segments that are difficult for content generation, as well as B2B sector is better to be promoted as thematic pages, without explicit brand mentioning. If one develops a useful page only for engineers or women on maternity leave, they can gather the target audience more quickly. Such an audience may show the brand advertising, without spending extra funds.

Having entertaining and useful content is very important. Entertaining content is something that a user created a social media account for, while useful content will arise the users’ desire to keep it in their feed and to get subscribed to the source of such information. Hence, the group may be provided with viral reach and new subscribers without advertising funds.

Co-Operation with META

Visual simplicity of SMM is deceitful. An effective SMM campaign always means a well-thought-over promotion strategy. Only an experienced SMM professional can ensure specific campaign results. In all other cases, there is a high risk of meaningless loss of time and funds.

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