Website which sells doors


Category Online shops
Country Moldova
Technologies PHP Framework Yii
Deadline 6 months

A project to develop a personal cabinet for the dealers retailing interior doors. Created for our long-term partner - the furniture company Tandem.

The following objectives have been set for us when drafting the project:

  • developing a convenient functionality for calculating costs and terms of orders, with the subsequent transmission of the order to the supplier, for execution

  • ensuring the control and managing the list of orders with the possibility of printing the commercial offer and the contract

  • generation of analytical reporting

  • ensuring access to information on new products, training and regulatory documentation.

Given the complexity of the project, its implementation has been divided into several stages, with a gradual increase in functionality. Later the feature to create and manage claims will be added.


Ordering Builder A step-by-step visual order builder that instantly calculates the cost of an order while selecting the door elements.
Order List Viewing order history, control of execution terms and generation of PDF documents to ensure the complete life cycle of the order.
Synchronization with 1C Two-way data synchronization for the orders in 1C (sending order information, getting the cost, terms, status changes, etc.)
Reporting The reports on mutual settlements, sales and revenues (plan/fact) show the information in an easy form to analyze, with the addition of graphs.
Materials Viewing new products, quality certificates, searching and viewing of video lessons, advertising, technical and other materials ensured by the provider.
Admin Panel The admin panel allows you to independently manage the translation of the website interface into English and Romanian and to set access rights to site sections based on the user role.


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Creation of a claim for a selected order, with the choice of door elements, reasons and type of claim (guarantee/non-guarantee/post-guarantee), generation of PDF documents to ensure the full life cycle of the claim.

The team:
Kirill T. Designer
Boris M. Page Maker
Sergey A. Programmer
Vasilii L. Programmer
Tatiana M. Web-consultant
Anton C. Project Manager
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