Performance-Based Advertising

Search-engine advertising

Nowadays, traditional advertising techniques are obsolete. They are ineffective and expensive, and their results cannot be analysed in a fair manner. However, all these problems are settled in the search-engine advertising service – Google Ads.

Development of internet technologies allowed to bring the marketing to quite another level. Advertising is shown only to the target audience, depending on their gender, age, region of residence, interests and tens of other parameters.

An advertising client pays only for the users, who clicked the advertisement and came to the landing page. The detailed statistics of campaign efficiency is also available, allowing analysis and improvements in due time.

Google AdWords (Ads) Promotion Principles

Maximum Efficiency of Marketing Budget Use

Advertising launching starts with product analysis and selection of key phrases, according to which the advertisement will be shown, as well with advertising blocks drafting. Then the conditions are introduced, including the audience parameters, according to which the advertisements will be shown.

Advertisements, depending on their type, may be presented as separate search results blocks, on the websites with thematic page contents or on any other resources with the target audience an advertising client needs.

As soon as a user clicks such an advertisement and comes to your website’s target page, the relevant amount will be deducted from your account balance. The cost per click depends on competitiveness in the theme chosen, geography of ad view and query relevance.

Promoting in Google AdWords is more than meets the eye

Many people think that drafting advertisements, choosing key phrases and setting up the audience of ad views is not a very difficult thing. However, as a matter of fact, one’s budget may be either spent in vain, or bring the required number of clients to the advertising client’s website and thus pay its way to the fullest extent.

The efficiency of an Ad Words advertising campaign directly depends on the quality of tag words development, sorting of non-commercial queries, correct rating management strategy, conversion monitoring and so on.

These technologies, which seem to be simple at first sight, comprise thousands of small components, when if disregarded will lead to a purposeless waste of your budget. That’s why a Google AdWords advertising campaign shall be trusted to professionals.

Advantages of Search-Engine Advertising for Business

Using the search-engine advertising services will provide the following advantages to your company:

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Only a motivated audience that is interested in your advertisement.

Performance-based payments: you pay only for real visitors, not for views.

Detailed statistics facilitating the analysis and improvement process.

Immediate results: you will get your first traffic not later than within twenty-four hours.

Here are some examples of search-engine advertising used by large brands:


They use their products images in the search-engine advertising. Even though users do not click the advertisement, they have already seen the gadget appearance advertising;

Rozetka Ua

An aggressive rating policy and large budget allocated for search-engine advertising allows this company to take almost all advertising spaces;


They always buy out a pair of advertising spaces. The first advertisement shows all the information about a product and the feedbacks, while the second advertisement contains a call to action;


This Company’s search-engine advertisements lead not to the product sales page but to Coca-Cola Journey resource, which is based on content marketing;

Walt Disney Co

This company’s budget for search-engine advertising exceeds 2.5 billion USD per year, thus having increased the company’s income by 86.63% since the moment of implementation;

Jonson & Jonson

They created their own marketing agency, which deals amongst other things, with corporation promotion in the Google AdWords service.

SEO Promotion or Google Ads Advertising

Choosing an optimal technique of company promotion directly depends on the goals set for the marketing campaign.
SEO optimisation of your resource is a long-term campaign with sustainable and long-lasting results having the form of constant traffic from the organic results.
While AdWords advertising is a means of attracting visitors immediately. It is perfect for:
  1. New websites, particularly, e-stores;
  2. Advertising of limited time promotions, bonuses and offers;
  3. Quick increase in the sales volume.
Comparison criterion
Search-engine advertising
Payment per conversion
Visible results from the very beginning of campaign realisation
After-campaign effects
Users’ credibility
Advertising campaign flexibility
High cost

SEO promotion of a website is more profitable in the long term, because after one spends a budget for optimisation, they only have to keep high ranks in the search engine results. However, AdWords advertising needs, in turn, a continuous budget.

Not all companies are able to invest in SEO for a long time, without actual return. Hence, it would be better to combine these two techniques of promotion and to attract visitors by using search-engine advertising during the active search engine optimisation.

Here are the specifics of Google Ads advertisement setups, which many people ignore

It is very important to have an open mind when composing a semantic core. Commercial queries made of related or tangent words may have the same conversion, while the cost per click will be lower. For example, a query ‘child’s birthday party’ relates to the query ‘cakes to order’, however, the first one is much less competitive.

A semantic core requires continuous optimisation. You should also choose the advertising spaces all by yourself. When analysing the results, it would be better to exclude spaces with the highest bounce rate, rather than spaces with the lowest CTR. One target visitor is better than 20 off-target visitors.

High rates don’t always yield good results. Everything depends on the quality and specifics of the sematic core made. It would be better to choose the optimal rate amount by analysing the specific profit indicators under a variety of rates. And what is more, you have to analyse them for each advertisement.

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