Metawebart: 15 years of development and unique cases

Metawebart, a website and application development company, celebrates its 15th anniversary! During the time of its work, the company has managed to implement many projects for the clients in different industries.

One of the key features of the company is its focus on innovative solutions and constant search of new approaches to the clients' tasks. For example, Metawebart regularly applies Agile methodology in its work, which allows to manage projects more effectively and achieve goals more quickly.

The company actively cooperates with clients from all over the world, including the US, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland and others. Thanks to its high level of professionalism and broad experience, the company has become a reliable partner for many major firms in various sectors.

LaSeche is one of Metawebart's most unusual projects. It is a unique combination of a fitness contest, social network and online shop. The project was created for people who would like to lose weight and build muscle, but lack the motivation to do so.

The target audience of the project is people who want to improve their physical fitness, but need encouragement and motivation to achieve their goals. Participants register on the site, pay the registration fee, receive tasks which include dozens of physical exercises, and then report on the completed tasks in video format.

The project has developed a robust video upload system and a user-friendly admin panel. In 16 weeks, the team created and launched the LaSeche project, which has become popular with fitness enthusiasts and has helped many people achieve their fitness goals.

The company also worked on the Fasivery project, which was developed for a Swiss delivery service. Fasivery is a Swiss food delivery service that helps simplify and unify the process of delivering food from restaurants. Fasivery allows you to order any meal from a nearby restaurant. If an order is placed, all aspects of food delivery, from order placement to delivery to the customer's door, are handled by Fasiveri managers.

The cooperation between Fasivery and Metawebart began with the company supporting Fasivery's previous website, which was created by another firm. However, just half a year later Fasivery decided to entrust Metawebart with the development of a new complex and large-scale project. The main task was to create a fully functional system that would automate all phases of the work cycle.

As a result of the joint work Fasivery and Metawebart created an effective system for food delivery which simplified and accelerated the process of food ordering and delivery from restaurants. The Fasivery system continues to grow successfully and gain new users due to its reliable and functional operation.

Another successful company case is the Very Important Lot project. Very Important Lot (VIL) is an online auction platform specialising in the sale of rare and unique items: paintings, coins, stamps, rarities and other antiques. The platform is aimed at antique lovers, collectors and art enthusiasts.

Users can bid on lots that arrive on the platform. They receive a reply about the acceptance or rejection of their bid. There is also an option to send notifications to email, communication in open chat and the transfer of personal messages to members of the platform.

The main goal of the project was to create a functional and secure system for online auctions, taking into account the specifics of antiquities sales. Moreover, Metawebart has developed a functional system of lot management allowing the platform administrators to easily add, edit and delete lots as well as manage the auction process.

Metawebart continues to develop and remain a leader in its field thanks to the high level of professionalism of its employees and a constant desire to innovate and improve its services. The company is ready to assist clients in solving the most complex problems and developing unique solutions for their business.

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