How web design studios can help you create websites: all about professional design and implementing your ideas

Creating a website is not just a technical process, but also a creative one. Each website is a reflection of the personality of its creator, and this must be taken into account when developing the design. Web design studio will help you create a website that will not only be beautiful and comfortable, but also to meet your goals and objectives.

Professional web site design includes many elements that must be taken into account in the development of the site. First and foremost, it should be a design that fits your brand and your needs. In addition, the site design should be user-friendly so that they can easily find what they need and perform the actions that you expect them to do.

Examples of project implementations

Let's look at a few examples of how Metawebart web design studio can help you create a website that meets your needs and desires.


A landing page is a one-page website used to promote a specific product or service. It should contain an attractive offer and compelling benefits of the product or service.

The development of such a resource was ordered by the "Purcari" company, a leading producer of high-quality wines from Moldova. We created a branding for them that reflects their style and provides all the necessary information about the product, which motivates the visitor to take action: to study the information, watch a video, visit social networks.

Online shop

An online shop is an online platform where sellers can sell their products or services online. Customers can browse, choose and place orders from the comfort of their own homes.

An example of an online shop implementation: the company "ZOutlet" ordered a web resource for a clothing and footwear retailer, with a data exchange mechanism between the WooCommerce framework and the 1C accounting system. The studio created a concise design in the client's corporate style. The site is perfectly adapted to all kinds of screens, from desktop to mobile versions. Also the connection of internet-acquiring through the bank payment system has been implemented on the site.

The studio accomplished the main tasks set when developing the site, so it is convenient to use the site for both the company's employees and customers.

Corporate website

Corporate website is a website which represents your company on the Internet. It must contain information about your company, its services, achievements and employees.

Example: UCIP-IFAD company ordered a corporate website to present Moldovan office of the International Fund for Agricultural Development. In addition to information about the fund's activities, current programs, tenders and lending methods, the user may use a loan calculator and view all of the beneficiaries on an interactive map.


A portal is a website which provides a variety of information on a particular topic such as news, sports, entertainment etc. It should be user-friendly so that users can easily find the information they are interested in.

An example of portal development: The portal was created within the EU project "Technical Support for Vocational Education and Training Sector in the Republic of Moldova". This project accumulates useful information for both students and teachers: information about professions and specializations, educational institutions, methodological manuals, as well as offers of internships. We have managed to design the site in a restrained but at the same time bright and easy to read style. The site is developed on CMS Joomla.

We hope that the above examples helped you to understand how Metawebart web design studio can help you create an attractive and functional website. The resource should meet all your goals and expectations, as well as reflect your brand and help you solve your online tasks.

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