Car rental service in Slovakia

Car Rental

Category Large web projects
Country Slovakia
Technologies Zend framework
Deadline 4 months

„Car Rental” - is an online service that allows you to rent a car in Slovakia. You can select any car from the catalog and arrange the rental on the website: from the verification of documents to payments for the selected period.

The main goal that the customer set when developing the site was to maximize the automation of work processes and unload the company's staff. A tourist can rent a car without visiting the company’s office. The website is able to fully assist the customer from the choice of the car and the term of its rental, to the transfer of payment.


Car catalog The list of available cars is automatically generated by downloading data from 1C
Filters and Sorting Detailed filtering of cars by various parameters is provided (technical features, fuel, number of seats, free dates, etc.).
Data synchronization The site can process applications from external resources and synchronize them with the general booking calendar.
Promotional Codes A system has been developed for processing promotional codes and assigning discounts to customers during a promotional period.
Blog and promotions The website has an information section to notify users about the company’s news and promotions.
Online payment Functionality for receiving online payments from users. Bank card payments are available.


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Automation and systematization of the booking process

The main task of the site is to maximize the automation of the receiving and processing process of applications. For this purpose, the site provides several technical solutions at once, allowing to systematize information about the reservation and to make a calendar of applications. This is done by synchronizing data with the recordkeeping system and by automatic processing of applications from the site.

Thus, the customer always sees up-to-date information about the car and the moment when it will be available. All of this, without the participation of employees. Additionally, if the desired car is free on the correct date, the website can bring the customer to the target action without human intervention.

The team:
Mihail T. Designer
Artiom V. Art-director
Alexander K. Page Maker
Roman S. Programmer
Dmitryi M. Web-consultant
Anton C. Project Manager
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