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Technologies PHP Framework Yii2
Deadline 4 months is an online platform for searching goods and comparing prices. Online stores display their goods here, updating the range offered from time to time. The buyer finds the item of interest, compares the prices for it and then proceeds to checkout at the website of the selected online store.

The main advantage of this site is that it offers a fast and convenient search for goods at several online stores, all at once. Here the buyer compares the prices, technical characteristics and other parameters of the purchased goods. There is an opportunity to buy goods with individual discount.

Valeryi Cardanov Director
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I've been working with Meta-Sistem for more than a year.

The company is distinguished by professionalism in everything they do: the quality of preparation for the implementation of projects; quality of programming; quality control of their own work.

Thanks to a qualified team of specialists, we find a solution for even the most complex and unordinary tasks.

I especially want to highlight the readiness and aspiration of the staff to help on all emerging issues and problems, even sacrificing their free time from work - a consultant Olga is always in touch and responds promptly to letters.

I thank the company "Meta" for very productive cooperation.


Smart search The search is performed by the symbols entered by the user. The results are based on the most popular queries.
Filtering Each category of goods has its own filters, taking into account the specific features of the goods.
Goods preview The user reviews additional information about the goods without leaving the search filter.
.csv files download Online stores can download a goods range using .csv files. One can set up scheduled tasks to maintain the current range.
Fast delivery The system automatically offers suppliers who deliver the selected goods within 3 days.
Statistics The seller's personal account provides detailed statistics for the selected period, where the number of unique clicks on goods by category is displayed.


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Automatic request for an individual discount

An authorized user can sendthe seller an automatic discount request for a particular item. This request is received in the seller's personal account. The seller determines the discount percentage, after which the link to the selected item is sent to the buyer's personal account. By clicking on this link, the buyer gets into the seller's bag, where he gets the goods at a discount.

With the implementation of this solution, the buyer doesn't need to contact the seller directly to get an individual discount for a certain item. Moreover, this is important for a wide variety of offers from online stores that deliver their goods on Thanks to the automation of this process, both the buyer and seller save a significant amount of time. This functionality was subsequently patented.

The team:
Kyrill T. Designer
Artiom P. Page Maker
Artashes P. Programmer
Anton C. Project Manager
Stefan B. Web-consultant
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