Web application (PWA) or mobile app, which should you choose?

Web Apps (PWAs) and mobile apps are two popular options for enabling your users to interact with your service on mobile devices.

PWAs (Progressive Web Applications) are modern websites that look and work like mobile applications. They can be installed on your device's home screen and run offline. Web apps have been around for quite some time and have successfully replaced mobile apps and mobile versions of websites.

Why might PWAs be a better fit for your business than mobile apps? Let's look at a few reasons.

No installation required

It takes time and costs to develop and publish a mobile app on the marketplace. Web apps, on the other hand, don't require installation, which makes it much easier for users to use them.

Ease of use on any device

Mobile applications need to be created separately for each platform, which requires additional costs. At the same time, a progressive web-application works on any device, regardless of the platform.

Low development costs

Building a mobile app requires knowledge of programming languages and experience with mobile platforms. Building a web app is greatly simplified by the use of web technologies.

Faster download time

Mobile apps need to be downloaded and installed, which takes time and space on the device. PWAs download faster and take up less space on the device.

Offline mode of operation

Mobile versions cannot run in offline mode unless they have been specifically designed for it. The web applications can run offline, which is great for users who are in an area with poor connectivity or no internet access at all.

Easy update

Updating mobile applications can be difficult for users who have to download a new version from the app shop. PWAs are automatically updated, making life easier for users and quicker for developers.

Low maintenance costs

Support for mobile apps requires a development team and technical support. Web apps have lower support and update costs.

Building a web app starts with creating a regular website. Then, using technologies such as Service Workers and Web App Manifest, developers can turn it into a web app. This includes adding icons to the home screen, setting up an offline mode, and other features.

So, if you're thinking about creating a mobile app or a mobile version of your website, look into web apps. They provide a more convenient and faster experience for users and greatly simplify the development and support process for developers. You can choose Metawebart as your development company. To get a free expert consultation, leave an application on the home page of our website.

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